All-American Pest Control delivers dependable, effective, modern pest control services to the residents living in Middle Tennessee. We are a locally owned and operated company that delivers high-quality services and that understands the year-round pest pressures that our residential and commercial customers face. Since 1961 we have been serving communities like Madison, keeping homes, businesses, and people safe from pests. To learn more about how we can help protect your Madison, TN home or business from common Tennessee pests including spiders, ants, bed bugs, mice, roaches, stinging insects and more, get in touch with All-American Pest Control today!

Residential Pest Control Services In Madison, TN

Partner with All-American Pest Control so that we can work together to put into place a pest control program that will eliminate and control common household pests in your Madison home throughout the entire year! 12 months of continuous, dependable pest control services to keep your property and family safe from pests. At All-American we offer 3 different year-round programs for our homeowners to choose from, making sure that all our customer’s exact needs and budgets are being met. By choosing any of our home pest control programs you will be sure to receive protection against over 47 common household pests, spider web removal, exterior preventative applications, outdoor misting treatments, and indoor treatments at your request. Also, our home pest control programs provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that our professionals will come back, at no charge, to take care of pest problems that may pop-up in between visits. To learn the specific details about any of our three year-round home pest control programs (Perimeter, All-For-One Advantage, or All-For-One Complete) or to schedule your free, no-obligation home evaluation, give us a call! In addition to our year-round residential pest control programs we also offer targeted programs which were developed to eliminate and control termites and/or stinging and biting insects!


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How To Avoid Brown Recluse Spiders In Madison, TN

Spiders are very common household invading pests found throughout Tennessee. While most of the spiders invading Madison properties are not particularly dangerous, there are a few that pose serious health risks to people, including the brown recluse spider. Brown recluse spiders are not aggressive but will bite if they are accidentally handled or they feel threatened. The venom from a brown recluse spider bite can cause redness around the bite and blistering, and the skin around the bite will eventually become necrotic and ulcerate; the open wound is prone to infestation and can take months to heal. So while a bite from a brown recluse spider is not usually life-threatening, they are definitely not a spider that you want to be bitten by! To help protect yourself and family from accidentally coming into contact with a brown recluse spider we offer the following tips:

  • Shake out items of clothing and shoes before putting them on
  • Wear gloves when moving boxes from a storage area or when working outside in your shed, garage, or in piles of organic debris
  • Inspect the exterior of your home, sealing any cracks or crevices found.
  • Keep clutter in storage areas to a minimum. The more clutter you have the more places there are for these venomous spiders to hide
  • Put into place a year-round pest control program to get rid of the insects found living inside of your home that may be attracting brown recluse spiders to it

If you are seeing brown recluse spiders or other spider species in and around your home, contact All-American Pest Control today to get the expert help needed to eliminate them and prevent them from returning!


Commercial Pest Control Services In Madison, TN

Protect your Madison business from being invaded and damaged by Tennessee pests with the help of the professionals found at All-American Pest Control. Roaches, ants, spiders, mice, stinging insects and other pests can cause serious problems inside of your business and to its reputation. We have over 50 years of experience in the commercial pest control industry and offer tailored pest management solutions that meet the unique needs of every industry we serve. All-American Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company. We live in the same areas we work, and therefore we have a deep understanding of the pest pressures business owners in middle Tennessee face every day. At All-American Pest Control we serve a wide variety of Madison businesses, including:

  • Lodging Facilities
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment and Condo Complexes
  • And more!

To schedule an evaluation of your Madison commercial property by one of our highly trained and skilled professionals, call us today!

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How To Identify Bed Bugs In Madison, TN

Would you know if bed bugs found their way into your Madison property? Do you know what they look like? Do you know where they hide out in homes and other buildings? Do you know how to completely eradicate these biting pests from your property? If you don’t know the answer to all of the above questions don’t worry, you soon will; the professionals at All-American Pest Control are going to give you the 411 on identifying bed bugs and where they are most likely to be found in your home or business!

Adult bed bugs are the stage that most people are able to identify, yes they are small, about the size of an apple seed, but they certainly can be seen with the human eye. Adults are reddish brown in color but may be redder or purple in color if they have recently fed. They have a flat oval-shaped body, six legs, and are wingless. Their flat body allows them to hide in the cracks and crevices found throughout your property and to travel from room to room through walls. Bed bugs are more often than not found hiding in the following spots:

  • In the seams of or underneath of mattresses and box springs
  • In or behind electrical outlet covers
  • In or underneath of upholstered furniture
  • Behind baseboards and in the cracks of floors
  • In the cracks of wooden furniture like in headboards, footboards, or in bureaus
  • In or behind picture frames or clocks

To learn more about bed bugs and how All-American Pest Control can help to prevent them or eliminate any sized infestation, call us today!

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