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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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As the summer comes to an end, so does mosquito season, thankfully! But as you’re enjoying your end-of-summer BBQs and backyard parties, mosquitoes may still be a problem, right until the first downright chilly (freeze) of fall. Until that first cold day arrives, we will all still be fighting mosquitoes. With mosquitoes come those itchy bites as well as the threat of West Nile virus, encephalitis and other diseases that can be transmitted by these blood suckers. The Nashville exterminators at All-American would like to offer you a few mosquito prevention tips to help you avoid feeding the mosquitoes at your late summer/early fall get-togethers:

  1. Eliminate mosquito breeding zones. They like to lay their eggs on areas of standing water; this can include in the hollows of tree stumps, kiddie pools that were left out all summer, damp and marshy areas, clogged gutters and drainage ditches and even old tires that have collected rainwater. Make sure to check your property at least once a week for areas of standing water and empty them out so that your home is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  2. Keep the grass, weeds and other vegetation on your property cut short; mosquitoes will hide in these areas during the hotter parts of the day.

  3. Try to avoid spending time outside during dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are at their most active.

  4. If you must go outdoors during the peak mosquito activity times, apply an insect repellent to your skin and clothing. You can use repellents that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. For children, check with your pediatrician first to find out what kind of insect repellent is appropriate.

  5. Check window and door screens for holes and punctures; make sure that screens are fitted snugly and can’t allow mosquitoes indoors.

Although these mosquito prevention tips can help, they may not entirely get rid of mosquitoes on your property. No matter how many mosquito breeding zones you eliminate on your property, your neighbor could be unknowingly breeding them next door and mosquitoes won’t hesitate to fly to your yard in search of a blood meal. Contact the TN pest control professionals at All-American today to help you get rid of mosquitoes. Our mosquito control services can help reduce the population of mosquitoes on your property quickly, so that you can spend time outdoors without the worry of being driven inside by these buzzing biters.

For pest control, Nashville natives recommend All-American Pest Control. Even Dave Ramsey recommends our services! Give us a call today to find out more about our mosquito treatments as well as the many other pest control services we offer in our Nashville service area.

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