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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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In fall, stinging insects begin to prepare for winter, like their very existence depends on it, and, it does. In the life cycle of stinging insects, fall preparation is essential to survival. But, for wasps--which are the insects that sting us most--fall preparation produces an atmosphere of aggressiveness. Here's why.

In the fall, wasp nests are busy preparing to release fertile male and female wasps that are created to ensure the continuation of their species. That's a big deal. And it is a process that wasps take very seriously--so to speak. Of course, wasps don't have human emotions, but they obviously understand, at some level, that there is a lot riding on this.

In order for male and female wasps to be produced, they must be fed. Worker wasps go out in search of food and bring it back to the nest. If food sources are hard to find or begin to dwindle, this can lead worker wasps to be aggressive in finding new sources. When they do, it can bring them into contact with humans more often.

If you're planning to have an end-of-year cookout or some backyard fun in the fall, be aware that wasps can be a little more of a problem this time of year. You may also notice them around exterior trash more often, especially if your trash is not in sealed containers.

Not only are wasps more aggressive in fall, their populations are larger than they are the rest of the year. The vast majority of wasps, especially males, do not survive the winter. It is only the fertilized female who makes it through. In spring, she begins a nest and produces offspring all year long. By fall, her nest is as large as it's going to get. For these two reasons, it is best to have a professional deal with wasp nests in the fall.

If you're in our Tennessee service area, let All-American assist you with a one-time fix or ongoing pest service that covers the detection and removal of nests. Reach out to us today to request a free home evaluation and find out what pest pressure you have on your property. Stinging insects are only one of many pests that can be a threat to your family, your pets, and those who visit your home. Let All-American Pest Control help you make your yard and your home a nicer place to be, all year long.

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