4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Through the winter months in Tennessee, many pests seem to disappear as if by magic. But, much in the same way a magic trick is slight-of-hand and mirror tricks, those bugs haven't actually gone anywhere. There is no magic involved.

The question of where pests go in winter can be better answered by asking the question, "Why do we see pests?" If you see ants in your kitchen, it is because those ants came out of the ground, crawled through a crack in your walls, and found a food source to feed on. If you have millipedes invading by the thousands, it is probably because heavy rains have caused the ground around your home to be oversaturated, and these bugs are looking for a place to hide. If you're seeing spider crickets in your basement, it is because they found a hole to squeeze through while they were exploring your yard. The reason pests like these disappear is simple: it is too cold outside for them to roam around in your yard and explore your walls. They are hiding deep in the ground, inside a log, under some bark, or some other natural location that provides safety from the cold.

Some creatures come into our homes when temperatures drop. What about those? If you had lady bugs everywhere during the fall, but they're gone now, it is fair to ask, "Where did they go?" There is a good chance they didn't go anywhere. Overwintering bugs often go into a low energy state called diapause. This is because your home doesn't provide them with the food sources they need. So they hide in your walls until it warms up outside. But, in spring, it is common for overwintering bugs to accidentally enter back into the common areas of a home instead of making their way outside.

If you have overwintering bugs, it is best to have a pest control company take care of them. Many of those bugs won't make it through the winter and, when they die, they will become food for other pests.

When you have year-round pest control from All-American, your home and your family will be protected through every season--even from the pests you don't see. The professionals at All-American establishes an environment that naturally resists pest intrusion by removing food, water, and harborage options.

Where do pests go in winter? They don't go anywhere. They're still in the ground. They're still in your yard. And they're still in your walls. They're just waiting for things to warm up. Get those pests before the spring weather brings them back to haunt you, with year-round pest control from All-American.

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