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Spiders are a pest you never want to find around your Hendersonville property. They creep and crawl through our homes and nightmares, leaving behind webs that make your house look dirty and neglected.

While most people think of spiders as terrifying and dangerous pests, the truth is that most spiders are harmless. They prefer to stay in the shadows, catching prey and trying to avoid interaction with humans. But just because they are harmless doesn’t mean you want spiders in your home. That is why pest control in Hendersonville is so essential. Read on to learn about the common spiders in Hendersonville, what you can do to prevent them, and how All-American Pest Control can help.

The Spiders That Live In Hendersonville

For most people, a spider is a spider. There is no reason to get close to them and try to tell them apart. But here in Hendersonville, we have many different types of spiders. Being able to tell them apart is crucial, as is knowing how to treat them and which ones may be dangerous.

Here are a few of the common spiders in Hendersonville:

  • Black Widow: The black widow is a dangerous spider easily identifiable by its black color and bright red hourglass shape on its abdomen.  
  • Brown Recluse: The brown recluse is another dangerous spider. It is brown with a lighter, fiddle-shaped marking on its back.
  • Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are larger and dark brown with pale stripes and thick bodies.
  • House Spider: House spiders are yellowish tan in color with dark spots on top of their body.  
  • Zipper Spider: Zipper spiders are black and bright yellow. They build webs with intricate zigzag patterns.

These are some common spiders you will see around your home. If you have questions about what spider species you are dealing with, contact us immediately at All-American Pest Control and let our trained pest control experts help.

Are Most House Spiders Dangerous?

Even though arachnophobia is one of the top five fears among people across the United States, it turns out that these fears may be misplaced. Most of the common spiders you see in Hendersonville are entirely harmless.

You need to be aware of the two dangerous spiders in Hendersonville. Both the black widow and the brown recluse will bite humans if provoked. A bite from either spider can lead to significant medical issues and even death if not treated properly.

Five Simple Ways To Deter Spiders

Dangerous or not, you don’t want spiders around your Hendersonville. Here are five ways you can keep spiders out of your home:

  • Keep basements, garages, and other storage areas clean.
  • Seal the cracks and crevices around the foundation of your home.
  • Inspect boxes, decorations, and groceries for spiders before you bring them inside.
  • Avoid leaving clothes or shoes on the floor where spiders can hide.
  • Eliminate other pests around your home that will be prey for spiders.

Working with a professional pest control company like All-American Pest Control is vital for keeping spiders out of your home.

Total Spider Control For Your Home Or Business In Hendersonville

You can take steps on your own to prevent spiders, but there is no substitute for professional spider control. At All-American Pest Control, we offer home pest control plans that can keep your home free of spiders and the other pests that draw them in. We also provide customized commercial pest control plans for your Hendersonville business to keep spiders and other pests out.

Don’t let spiders invade your Hendersonville home or business. Call us today and allow our professional, highly trained pest control technicians to get to work protecting you from spiders.

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