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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

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There are a few critters that can break into East Nashville homes and make noises in attic spaces. The two most likely suspects are mice and squirrels. Attic spaces are perfect for squirrels that like to live above ground in tree holes. They're also ideal for mice because attics offer lots of places to nest and explore. If you're curious which of these two pests might be in your attic spaces, here are a few ways you can tell.

The Noises They Make

If you're not in your attic and you hear bumping or crashing sounds, like something is moving around up there, it is more likely to be a squirrel than a mouse. Mice are much smaller than squirrels and much quieter. But, if you hear scraping or bumping in a ceiling that you know is below an attic space, you might have mice. Those little rodents make a lot more noise when they're inside walls, ceilings and floor voids.

When They Make Noises

Mice are mostly nocturnal animals. Squirrels are diurnal. Mice are waking up as you're going to sleep and squirrels are waking up when you wake up. If you're hearing noises in the day, it is likely to be a squirrel. If you're hearing noises at night, it is not likely to be a squirrel, unless it is a female taking care of her young.


If you know how mice break into your home, you can look for signs of entry and rule out squirrels as your invaders. Mice often use their teeth to chew small holes larger, such as a tiny gap in the seal around a door or window frame, pipe, or wire conduit. They may chew through a door sweep or weatherstripping on an exterior door. They might chew a vent cover to get in.


When mice get into a home, they can cause big problems because they don't stay in attic spaces. They explore homes from top to bottom. As they do, they'll leave tiny black droppings for you to find. Look for these in secluded places. Squirrels, on the other hand, are more likely to stay in your attic.

What to Do When You Hear Noises

You may be tempted to go up into your attic to see what is going on up there. Keep in mind that a momma squirrel protecting her young or a cornered squirrel can be very aggressive. It is best to have a service professional take a look and offer a comprehensive solution to arrest your pest problem and prevent continued entry. At All-American Pest Control, our Nashville pest control experts provide the highest level of services for homes and businesses in East Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. Contact us for a free home pest control evaluation. We're here to help.

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