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When you think of bed bugs you may think of a hairy creepy bug with large fangs to suck the blood out of you. However to the contrary bed bugs are not that scary looking at all, they actually resemble an apple seed. Adult bed bugs are oval, flat in shape and are between ¼-3/8 of an inch in length; before feeding they are a rust color and after a large feeding they change to a purplish red color. When they are full their shape will transform so that they look more like a cigar than a flat apple seed and some people may think they are seeing a completely different insect.

As bed bugs grow from one stage to the next to reach adulthood they will leave behind skin casts; seeing these casts are a sign that you have a bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bugs are also known for leaving behind fecal deposits after a large blood meal. If you suspect a bed bug infestation check your sheets and linens for these rust colored spots.

If you notice signs of bed bugs in your home, have seen adult bed bugs, or have woken up to small red bites on your person and are in need of Nashville pest control for bed bugs you should contact All-American Pest Control as quickly as possible. Bed bugs reproduce fast and are resistant to many insecticides. At All-American Pest Control our trained professionals know how to respond to a bed bug infestation and will customize a treatment plan for your unique situation. Our bed bug elimination program includes:

  • Visual Inspections

  • Heat

  • Liquid residual, aerosol and dust applications

  • Mattress encasements and Interceptor Devices

  • Follow-up Services and Inspections

  • Service Guarantees

Providing pest control for bed bugs in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, please contact us today for detailed information on how we can help eliminate your bed bug problem as quickly and efficiently as possible!