4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

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‘Twas the night after Christmas
And everyone was content.
The dog, the kids, and
The spiders in the basement!

Spiders in the basement
Weaving webs with ease,
In hopes that lady bugs and flies
Would stop by, if you please!

What a great choice was made
By the spider to stay
Through the winter at your house
Every night and day.

Mom in her slippers,
And I in my hat,
Had just headed down
To the basement for a chat.

When the light came on
There arose such a scream
I ran for the stairs
As if in a dream.

Away to the stair
I ran, but alas,
I had seen that spider before
Outside in the grass.

I stopped and turned back
Knowing it was right
I should go back and help
Yes, go back and fight.

Then, what to my frightened eyes
Did appear
But a spider on my hand
And I screamed out in fear!


What a beast it was
All scary and black.
What to do what to do?
Can I just give it a whack?


Faster than lightening
I brushed it away
And I yelled to my wife
I am coming! Don’t dismay!


There are spiders! There are Mice!
There are bugs and fleas!
Oh no! Mites and bats
Stay away if you please!


To the bottom of the stairs,
And down the hall
Now run away
Run away!
Run Away all!


I picked up the phone
And called on the best.
Get these spiders out,
Oh please All-American Pest!


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