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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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We admit it, we are not too nice to pests around here so we thought it was a good idea to share some love for the creepy crawlies in honor of this month in which flowers, heart shaped candies and Valentine’s take over. Being a long time Middle Tennessee pest control company, it may seem a little odd that we are attempting to find the love when it comes to pests. Don’t worry, we are just sharing the top pests that we LOVE to hate! Here are 5 pests in Nashville and surrounding areas ofTennessee that we think fit the criteria well:

Ants – Although ants are just tiny social insects, they sure can be a nuisance around the home. Ever noticed a trail of ants marching into your kitchen? They are likely foraging for leftover food and don’t be fooled, there are thousands of other ant friends waiting in the colony for their fair share of cookie crumbs, sugar crystals, maybe even the grease splattered on the stove.

Bed Bugs – If you have been keeping up with our blog we recently wrote about using bed bug dogs to detect bed bugs in TN homes and businesses then you know just how hard bed control can be. Bed bugs are so sneaky they require trained K9s to find them! Not to mention a bed bug infestation can mean bed bug bites and a tarnished reputation if you are a business owner in Nashville.

Brown Recluse Spiders – Perhaps one of the most feared of spiders is the brown recluse. If threatened or disturbed, the bite of a brown recluse can land some in the hospital, or even worse. Although this is rare, you don’t want to mess with these venomous spiders.

Mosquitoes – We all know how pesky mosquitoes can be and how itchy their bites are. But what’s even worse is that mosquitoes can spread disease to humans through their bites which are basically an injection into the skin. Perhaps most noted of mosquito borne illness is West Nile Virus.

Termites – These wood destroying insects really know how to rack up a bill when it comes to property damages. In the U.S. alone it is estimated that termites are responsible for over $5 billion in damages each year. They feed on wood for their survival and while they are great decomposers in the natural world, their work is best left in the forests, not our homes.

To learn more about these pests that we love to hate, or any other critters causing you trouble in Middle Tennessee, please contact us today at All-American Pest Control. Like we said before, even during the month when everyone is celebrating love, we don’t much care for pests which is why we offer termite solutionsbed bug treatments and many other pest control services in NashvilleFranklin and surrounding areas in Tennessee no matter what time of the year.

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