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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1055 Reviews

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Since 1961, All-American Pest Control has helped thousands of Middle Tennessee homeowners protect their home from termites. The National Pest Management Association reports that termites cause over 5 billion (yes, billion) dollars in damages to homes each and every year.

The good news is… termite treatments have become extremely effective and much more cost efficient over the past 20 years. Most all companies offer termite control treatments with a re-treatment guarantee which means that if termites get back into your home the pest control company will offer re-treatment of the areas for no additional charge. The best termite control agreement is a Damage Repair Agreement. A damage repair agreement includes payment to repair the home where the termites damaged the property.

Even though termites can more easily be eliminated these days, it is still critical to be vigilant about inspections and termite prevention measures for your home. Our Nashville pest control company has compiled a Top 10 list to help you prevent termites from damaging your home.

1. Remove Scrap wood from Your Crawlspace

Don’t assume you do not have any scrap wood under your home- go look! Builders and subcontractors are notorious for leave scrap wood under the home.

2. Stack Firewood Away from your Home

Firewood is the treasure termites are foraging to find. Keep your firewood 10 feet or more away from your home.

3. Routinely Inspect the Flashing around your Windows and Doors

Make it a regular practice to inspect the areas around your windows and doors. Ineffective flashing allows rain and moisture to seep in behind your window and door frames. Termites are attracted to moist wood.

4. Look for Standing Water

Look for standing water around your foundation and in your crawlspace. If you find standing water, correct the drainage system to ensure water drains away from your home.

5. Fix Roof and Gutter Leaks Promptly

Moisture is a termite’s best friend. Keep the moisture away by repairing your damaged roof or gutters will go a long way in preventing termites.

6. Do Not Ignore Moisture Damage

Hire professionals to repair moisture damage. Take it one step further to address the root of the moisture problem.

7. Install Pea Gravel around the Foundation of Your Home

This suggestion is only for homeowners serious about preventing termites. Install 8-10 inches of pea gravel next to the foundation of your home to keep your mulch from touching your home’s foundation. Termites have a terrible time tunneling through pea gravel. Your home will say thank you.

8. Grind Stumps

Stumps are dead wood… and termites search for dead wood to feed their growing family. Grind stumps to help keep termites away.

9. Use Hardscape Materials for Landscaping Beds

Consider choosing river rocks, brick chips or cocoa bean hulls instead of mulch.

10. Complete Annual Termite Inspections

Hire a trained, certified inspector to inspect your home for termite activity, potential moisture concerns and termite damage annually.

For more information on termite control in Nashville, Hendersonville and Middle TN, please contact us today!  Or, find out more about our Dave Ramsey Termite Protection special.

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