4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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It’s time. The sun is shining, the grass and leaves are green, the flowers are blooming, and the kids are getting out of school. Yep, it’s most assuredly that time. The time of year that we’ve all been looking forward to; it's summer! This is the season of the year that so many songs, poems, and memories are made of. Trips to the lake, pool, camp, beach, or amusement park are all intertwined into the definition of summer. Staying up too late to visit with friends at the beach or at a BBQ or getting a bit red while spending your days outside playing games and having water fights, these are also all parts of that wonderful season we call summer.

Sadly, many of our summer outside activities that we all did as kids have changed because there is a fear of exposure to pests now that didn’t seem to exist back then. Mosquitoes are one of the pests that top this list. These all too common pests have the ability to transmit diseases to the person or animal that they bite, and these are not diseases and virus that only make you sick, some of them can alter your quality of life drastically. While some of these diseases and viruses affect animals, there are still plenty that affect humans.

Reducing the amount of mosquitoes on your property will have a drastic influence on the number of mosquitoes that you and your loved ones are exposed to. Here at All-American Pest Control, we have a program that is designed to do just that and more. Our Perimeter PLUS Pest Control Program targets over 47 of Tennessee’s most common household pests and 5 outdoor pests, including mosquitoes. This program provides a virtual wall around your home, keeping pests from coming indoors, and it significantly lowers the number of mosquitoes on your property.

When you choose the Perimeter PLUS Pest Control Program from All-American Pest Control you can expect wonderful things such as:

  • Fewer mosquitoes living and breeding on your property, so fewer mosquito bites!

  • Fewer spiders hanging around your home and eaves.

  • Fewer stinkbugs, lady beetles, and Asian beetles on, around, or in your home.

  • Fewer ants wandering around outside and inside your home.

  • Lots more back yard BBQ’s and games that are much more enjoyable with fewer pests to deal with.

  • Fun summers where you take back your yard and begin to make real summer memories AGAIN, like the ones that you remember! 

Its summer time and it’s most definitely time - time to take back your yard. Take it back with help from the professionals here at All-American Pest Control. Get rid of pests and get started having a fun pest-free summer!