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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Are you enjoying your summer? Have you been to the lake or out to the pool? Have you enjoyed a cookout with friends and family? Summer is a great time to get outside and get active. But, unfortunately, bugs start getting active as well. And, there are three bugs, in particular, that make a lot of people avoid going out at all. With all of the news stories about ticks and mosquitoes, it is easy to get nervous about leaving the house. These bugs are linked to several diseases and viruses that can have lifelong implications. And, although we don't hear much about it, fleas are responsible for spreading illnesses to humans as well. But, you don't have to stay inside. There are some things you can do to reduce your risk when you go out. Here are some of them.

Summer Pest Tips

  • Repellent. You are probably aware that mosquito repellent can help you keep mosquitoes from biting you, but are you aware that it can help to protect you from ticks and fleas as well? Find a repellent that has at least 20% DEET. If you don't prefer to put DEET on your skin, consider spraying it on your clothing, especially pant legs. This can deter ticks from crawling up.

  • It matters what you wear. If you wear light colors, you'll be killing two birds with one stone. Light colors make it harder for mosquitoes to zero in on you because they often use silhouettes to lock onto their target. But those light colors will also help you see ticks that are crawling up your clothing to feed on your skin. Ticks don't drop down from trees. They have to climb up your body to get to your hair--which is one of the places they prefer to feed on you.

  • Choose where you're going to go and when. If you're looking to avoid mosquitoes, choose to go out in the middle of the day, rather than the morning and evening when mosquitoes are more active. Mosquitoes will be worse near wetlands, marshes, swamps, and ponds, so be aware of this when you choose where you want to relax. If you plan to go for a hike, try to stay away from tall grass. This will reduce your chances of picking up a tick.

  • Fans. If you're only going out into your backyard, setting up a fan will work wonders in keeping the mosquito away, and that fan doesn't require you to put anything on your skin.

If you're going to spend time in your backyard, consider getting ongoing pest service. It is startling how many options there are for keeping your yard from being a playground for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable pest specialists walk you through it. Summer is better with fewer bugs. If you agree, reach out to us today.

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