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Spring means so many things here in Nashville.  The grass is greener, the birds sing a little louder, the mercury is steadily rising, and flowers are beginning to bloom.  It’s such a nice time of renewal and new beginnings.  Animals will be bringing forth their new little ones and so will insects.  The warmer temperatures will most assuredly bring out the stingers and biters of the insect world.  Unfortunately for us, their arrival can pretty much send us back indoors!
Stinging and biting insects are a real problem here in Nashville.  We have ones that fly, like mosquitoes, hornets, and wasps, and we also have ones that don’t like chiggers, ticks, fire ants, and fleas.  Each and every one of these stinging or biting insect can ruin your outdoor activity pretty quickly.  Keeping them off your property and out of your home can be a huge and almost insurmountable task if you try to go it alone.
Do-it-yourself measures for these culprits can only go so far.  You can buy a spray, treat your animals, and burn citronella candles all the time; and you can wear long pants tucked into your tall socks, long sleeve shirts, and insect netting helmets every time you go outside.  It will be an interesting volleyball game in your back yard this month when everyone dresses this way.  Each time before heading inside, you and your guests must change your clothes to be sure that you aren’t bringing in ticks or fleas BEFORE entering.  And, it would be best to just have your barbecues, volleyball games, and pool parties from 11:00 until 3 p.m., because that is the hottest part of the day and a lot of the insects will be seeking shelter in shaded areas, so you should have less to deal with.  Evening or late afternoon barbecues are pretty much out of the question. 
As off the wall as all that sounds, it really is what is ‘suggested’, and I haven’t even started to talk about the fire ant problem that Tennessee currently is dealing with.  It’s so extensive that entire counties are quarantined.  These ants don’t care who you are or what time of day it is; they will sting you just for getting near them. 
Taking the sting or bite out of these disease-ridden and aggressive pests is done best with help from the professional team here at All-American Pest Control.  Our customized yard treatments will stop fleas, ticks, chiggers, and fire ants; and our misting application will significantly reduce the amount of mosquitoes that you have on your property.  If hornets and wasps are an issue, don’t worry, we can take care of them too. 
For the best in pest control in Nashville contact us today.  Let us come do a free evaluation and show you just how easy it can be to reclaim your yard and home.  Make your life more pleasurable by living it pest-free with All-American Pest Control.