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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Some pest infestations can lead to larger property damage in your home, including carpet beetles that feast on common household items. Carpet beetles can chew through carpeting, furniture, clothing, and regular food products, making them ravenous insects to have inside your Murfreesboro home. 

Learning how to implement proper beetle control and general pest control with the help of All-American Pest Control can save you from this damage. 

The Lifecycle Of Carpet Beetles

In order to address a pest problem properly, you need to learn how they grow and spread throughout a property. The life cycle of the carpet beetle demonstrates how pests can lead to different kinds of problems depending on what stage of their life they are in. 

Here’s the life cycle of the carpet beetle, and why you should partner with pest professionals to deal with a carpet beetle infestation

  • Egg: Like all insects, carpet beetles start out as eggs, which are typically laid by mature adult beetles very close to food sources.
  • Larvae: Once hatched, a carpet beetle’s hairy-looking larvae are the stage that does the most damage to your home. They eat through animal product materials like silk, leather, and wool, and can also feed on hair fibers that get stuck in carpeting.
  • Adult: Adult carpet beetles are gray or brown with darker speckle marks, making them look kind of like a ruddy ladybug. The presence of adult carpet beetles in your home means you have an infestation that’s growing and that you need professional carpet beetle treatments to get rid of. 

Whether you’re seeing eggs and larvae or fully matured carpet beetle adults, All-American Pest Control can help with effective treatments that eliminate them from your home. Contact us at the first sign of an infestation. 

The Extent Of Damage Carpet Beetles Can Cause In Your Home

Carpet beetles get their name from their habit of laying their eggs in carpeting. That’s because carpets tend to be made out of fibers containing keratin, a protein that the carpet beetle larvae eat to grow into full adults. Carpet beetles’ eating habits lead to bare patches in household items containing these kinds of fibers, like furniture and clothing. Adult carpet beetles can also contaminate food sources, especially dry storage goods like grains and starches. 

Keeping carpet beetles from damaging your clothes or furnishing is important, so turn to All-American Pest Control for effective protection.

Proactive Steps To Keep Carpet Beetles Out Of Your House

While carpet beetles can happen to any homeowner, a carpet beetle problem doesn’t just form out of nowhere. If you take proactive steps to reduce the factors that attract these pests, you can lower your risk of an infestation. If you catch a population early on, professionals can quickly remove them so the property damage they cause isn’t widespread. 

Here’s what you should do to prevent carpet beetles: 

  • Storage: Carpet beetles like to lay their eggs inside closets or linen cupboards, areas where they know their offspring will have plenty to feed on. Regularly inspecting these areas and decluttering them will help lower your risk.
  • Inspection: You should also check any used items thoroughly before bringing them into your home. Often, infestations are caused by people bringing already-contaminated furniture or clothing inside.
  • Cleaning: Regularly vacuuming your curtains, furniture, and carpets can keep these areas clean and free from carpet beetle eggs. 

To truly get rid of carpet beetles, you need to get proven solutions from All-American Pest Control. Contact us today to learn more about how we quickly eliminate destructive pests. 

The Key To Total Carpet Beetle Control For Your Home

Even homeowners who take preliminary steps to lower their risk of pests can still wind up with an infestation. That’s why the protection of professional pest control can’t be beaten. All-American Pest Control knows how to treat your home for a wide range of pests, whether an infestation has already formed or even if you just want to get perimeter and exterior treatments that ward off bugs from invading in the first place. 

Contact All-American Pest Control today for carpet beetle extermination near you.  

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