4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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When pests come into your yard and get into your Franklin home, they can bite and sting, spread illness, damage your belongings, and damage the equity of your home. Pest control is a vital service that guards your family and your property from these dangers. But choosing the wrong pest control company can come with its own dangers. Not only can it lead to wasted money and ongoing pest problems, but bad pest control can be toxic to your health and destructive to your home.

How do you choose a company that will do the job right?

There are many resources you can look at to find out how trustworthy a pest control company is. We recommend looking at more than one. Ask a friend. Check the Better Business Bureau. Look the company up on Angie's list. Search for reviews on Google, check Yelp!, Service Magic, and other consumer resources. If a company provides excellent service, these are great ways to find out.

Ask to see proper licensing and insurance information when talking to a company. Find out what certifications they have and whether or not they are a member of a national, state or local pest management association. There are only about 3% of pest control companies that operate at a standard high enough to earn the QualityPro Seal of excellence from the National Pest Management Association. Look for this seal on the website of the pest control company you're looking into.

Ask the company about their hiring practices. Do they do a background check on their employees? Do they do drug testing? At All-American Pest Control, we have a stringent hiring process that is designed to find helpful, hard-working people with an ability to solve problems. We put potential employees through personality profiles, problem-solving tests, risk assessments, and an extensive, in-person interview that is a minimum of 2 hours long. These help us find the right people to take care of the needs of our customers. Don't settle for anything less when you choose a pest control company in Franklin for your home and your family.

If you live in Franklin and want the highest level of pest control service available in, you can trust the friendly, QualityPro Certified team at All-American Pest Control to see to your pest control needs. We have the tools, training, and teamwork required to protect your health and property from Tennessee pests.

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