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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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During the summer months, fire ants are an inescapable reality. They show up at picnics. They show up at backyard cookouts. They show up when we tend to our landscaping or just when we're trying to relax in the yard. When they get inside, they can become even more of a problem. Fire ant infestations can be more than just a harmless nuisance. They can present a serious threat to infants, sick people, the elderly, and anyone who can't get away from their painful stings. If you or someone in your home has an allergic reaction to the venom of fire ants, it can lead to a hospital visit. So it is important to know everything you can about keeping fire ants out of your yard. Here are the do's and don'ts of fire ant control.

The Don'ts

Having a fire ant infestation can be very frustrating but don't let it drive you to do something that could lead to a far worse situation. Here are some things others have tried that do not work and that can be dangerous:

Don't spray chemicals to kill fire ants. This can make your problem worse by causing the fire ant colonies to split. So rather than one colony, you end up with two or more. Chemicals can also present many dangers. They can be ingested by a family pet. They can be brought into sensitive areas of your home on the fire ants and other pests that are highly resistant to chemicals. They can also be spread to garden vegetables if you have a garden.

Don't pour dangerous things into fire ant holes. This won't kill those ant colonies. Fire ants' tunnels can be quite extensive. You're not going to get them by trying to flood, burn, or obliterate them.

The Do's

  • Seal your exterior walls to help prevent entry.
  • Keep exterior trash in seal receptacles to reduce food options.
  • Reduce standing water in your yard. Fire ants are drawn to locations that have a water source.
  • If you have pets that go outdoors or livestock that live on your property, put food down only during mealtimes.
  • Bait is by far the most effective way to eliminate fire ant colonies, but there are many ways baits can be ineffective. The best solution is to hire a licensed and experienced service professional to apply this pest control.

For assistance with fire ant control in Murfreesboro, contact All-American Pest Control. Our certified and highly trained service professionals know what is required to reduce fire ant colonies in your yard and help you keep those ants out of your home.

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