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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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When it comes to pest proofing your home for spiders, you may only consider fixing things inside of the home. This can be effective, but it’s only half the battle. To prevent spiders from entering your home, you must consider the exterior of your property as well. Pests like the brown recluse spider, the black widow spider and even those common house spiders may all be attracted to your home due to the conditions on the exterior. What can you do on the exterior of your property to prevent spiders in Tennessee from making your home and property a spider-friendly environment? Here are tips from the Nashville pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control for effective spider prevention for the exterior of your home.


1. Invest in yellow light bulbs, or sodium vapor lighting for your exterior lights. These types of lights can be less attractive to insects and because most spiders feed on insects, if you have fewer insects inside your home, you will have fewer spiders there to eat them.


2. Clean up vegetation, leaf debris and other debris as well as wood piles on your property. These things make good hiding places for spiders; they will build their webs in these areas as long as they are protected, so removing these things from your property (or moving them further away from the structure) can help reduce the places on your property where spiders will hide.


3. Don’t allow tree branches or shrubs to touch the side of your home. These act as ‘bridges’ for spiders and other pests to gain access to your structure.


4. Contact All-American Pest Control; Nashville natives know that our perimeter application of materials can help prevent spiders from entering your property in the first place. Our misting treatments are an exceptional choice to prevent even big spiders in Tennessee from invading your home.


Preventing spiders from entering your home in the first place is the best way to eliminate the worry of spiders in Tennessee invading your home. When you take the time to modify your environment to make it less appealing to pests like spiders, you have to deal with fewer of these pests inside your home, spinning their webs and making a nuisance of themselves.

If you are looking for effective spider control in Nashville, look to All-American Pest Control. Dave Ramsey has chosen us as his pest control company of choice and when you invite us into your home and your business, you will understand why! Our professional and friendly technicians will address your pest problem and work diligently to find the appropriate pest control treatment to eliminate the problem and keep it from returning. Contact us today for more information on spider control in Tennessee as well as other pest control services offered by All-American Pest Control.



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