4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Brrr!!! It’s cold! OK, so maybe it’s not like super-below zero for days and days freezing arctic cold, but it’s cold! Cold enough so that we have seen single digit temperatures more than once this January! Brrr, I say again! We know what the cold does for us and how it changes our moods, habits, eating behaviors, and just about every facet of our lives, but how does it affect pests?

Here in Nashville we have our fair share of pest woes. From mice to termites to bats - there aren’t many pests that we do not deal with on one level or another. Most of these fall into a few categories in relation to their winter activity. They either overwinter somewhere that they find shelter or they continue on with life as usual. The ones that we have to be most concerned about are the ones that like to use our home for a warm winter refuge.

Mice and other rodents know that when the weather starts to turn cool they have a limited amount of time before Old Man Winter arrives. They start scurrying around in search of their winter home. Those that live in urban and suburban areas utilize man-made dwellings quite often. Homes, garages, sheds, and even idle vehicles are on the preferred list of winter homes. Once these rodents get inside a structure their activity level doesn’t decrease. They still spend their days looking for food, water, and nesting supplies, and they continue mating and procreating as well. Winter doesn’t slow them down one bit; they just relocate to a warmer environment.

Insects such as the lady beetle, stink bug, box elder bug, and cluster flies come indoors and pile up on each other and rest all winter long inside your walls, attic, or basement. Then, in the spring, when the temperatures start to rise they wake up and start flying around your house leaving you to wonder where all these bugs have come from! When in all actuality they have been hanging out with you all winter long. The best way to avoid these winter inhabitants is to keep them out in the fall and then you won’t be dealing with them in the spring.

Some mosquitoes die when the cold weather hits, but some can actually hibernate in the right conditions. Depending on the type of mosquito, some hide out in buildings, caves, or even plants until the warm spring weather hits. They could be doing this hibernation as eggs, larvae, or adults - again, it is species dependent.

When the cold winter weather is here the last thing that you want to deal with are rodents and insects residing with you. Call on the experts here at All-American Pest Control and we will keep all the pests out of your house all year long so you don’t have to think twice about pest control. Contact us today for your free evaluation and start living life pest-free!


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