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Do you think you have bed bugs? Even if you just suspect these blood suckers, it’s worth giving us a call. If you’re looking for pest control, Nashville natives know that All-American Pest Control is the company to call. When your pest problem might be bed bugs, the Nashville exterminators at All-American can help you identify bed bug infestations quickly and then help you get rid of bed bugs with our thorough bed bug treatment options.

The first step is to determine if you are in fact battling bed bugs at your home or business. Since bed bugs are nocturnal, tiny and good hiders… a small infestation can go undetected for quite a while. If you can’t find visible signs of bed bug evidence on your mattress, head board, light sockets, electric outlets, etc but you still suspect you may have a bed bug problem… you might consider these three inspection options.

  1. If the property is vacant, we would recommend setting up a Night Watch Monitoring Device for 1 week. This small contraption emits CO2 in the middle of the night which is what scientist believes attracts bed bugs to a sleeping person. At the end of seven days, we will come back and inspect the monitoring device for bed bugs.

  2. Option number two is to purchase mattress encasements and interceptor devices for your bed. Don’t just purchase any mattress encasement as not all mattress encasements are created equal. The purpose of a mattress encasement is three fold- first, mattress encasements will trap bed bugs that are hiding inside your mattress and keep them from escaping eventually killing them dead. Second, mattress encasements allow you and us to more quickly and accurately determine if you have a bed bug infestation. Three, it protects your mattress now and in the future. The bed bug interceptor device part of the equation is a disc that is positioned underneath each bed leg. Interceptor devices help to keep you from getting bitten by bed bugs and helps you and us, the bed bug experts, to find problems early and accurately.

  3. Bed Bug inspection option number 3 for those hard to find bed bugs is to have a bed bug dog inspection. Highly trained bed bug dogs and bed bug dog handlers are a great resource to quickly and more accurately identify very small traces of bed bugs. While no inspection is 100% accurate- we have had great experience with dog inspection services.

If bed bugs are positively identified through a visual inspection or one of the three bed bug monitoring and inspection options above… the next step is to get them gone- eliminate the bed bugs for good. To get rid of a bed bug infestation including adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs, we use a combination of heat treatments (ambient heat or stream), liquid residual applications for longer lasting effects, and dust applications for cracks, crevices and under baseboards. These treatments will get rid of bed bugs in all life stages. Because our goal is complete bed bug elimination, we also offer a Platinum Heat Treatment agreement that provides a 90 day retreatment guarantee should more bed bugs show up in that time frame. How about that for excellent service?! Once bed bugs have been eliminated with our bed bug heat treatment.

For more information on our bed bug elimination services and programs for homes and businesses in Nashville, please give us a call today. We would be happy to discuss our service options with you and set up an inspection to determine the severity of your pest control concerns. Contact the pros at All-American Pest Control today at 615-824-8814 to learn more about what our pest control pros can do for you!