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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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No, this isn’t a call to arms against aliens, or a plea to flee the area, but it is a call to all Tennessee home owners and business owners to take steps to prevent these invaders from moving on into our homes and businesses. It’s high time that these fall home invaders met up with resistance when trying to sneak inside for a cozy place to spend the winter.  With the cooler temperatures upon us, there is no time to delay!
What exactly is the Asian lady beetle?
The Asian lady beetle is NOT the typical red lady bug with black spots, nor is it a cross breed of some sort of ‘the’ lady bug.  While it may be the same basic shape as the typical lady bug, it has an orange shell with a lot more black spots.  This beneficial insects’ primary diet is aphids.  This is great news because aphids are a destructive insect that feed off of soft bodied plants.  The Asian lady beetle population is plentiful this year because they had plenty of Asian wooly hackberry aphids to feed on over the summer.  But as the weather is getting colder the Asian lady beetles are looking for a safe place to spend the colder winter months.  Don’t let this be your home or business.
How can you keep Asian lady beetles out of your home or business?
The best way to keep them out is with help from a professional pest control specialist like our team here at All-American.  We know that these small invaders are just looking for a wee bit of shelter from the cold, and that they can hide in small and large crevices and will come indoors if they find an easy way to do so.  That’s where we come in!  We keep them from finding an easy way in, and then eliminate the ones that are already there. We have been serving the great people of Tennessee for over 50 years, and keeping out over-wintering invaders like Asian lady beetles and stink bugs is second nature to us.  You can try to do it yourself by sealing up the exterior of your buildings, repairing damaged screens, and installing door sweeps; and then spend the winter wondering if any may have made it in and are co-habitating with you and your family.  Or, you can call us and be confident that the only winter guests that you have are ones that you actually invite.

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