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If you live in the Brentwood area, you might think that you only have to deal with mosquitoes or cockroaches around your home. While those are prevalent pests that can infest your home, they are not the only things homeowners in Brentwood need to be on the lookout for. 

Ticks are small and often overlooked, but they can infest your home and yard all the same. Finding the best pest control in Brentwood might be your best option when dealing with these pests and protecting your home.

Where Do Ticks In Brentwood Hide?

Ticks in Brentwood can hide all around your yard before they find a host to latch onto. They are tiny but are still visible to the naked eye for the most part. They hide in tall grass and hitch a ride when a viable host brushes up against them. There are nearly 15 different types of ticks around the Brentwood area, and each of them can be dangerous if not dealt with. 

The most common tick is the deer tick, which is also harmful when they latch on to their hosts. Ticks can not fly or jump, but finding them on your property can mean that other pests have carried them to your home. They can make you ill in no time and become a significant force around your home and yard if you don’t correctly eradicate them quickly.

Ticks Can Transmit Dangerous Diseases

Do you know why tick control is so important? It’s because of how dangerous ticks can be to your pets and family. Ticks might seem like the most unlikely offender when it comes to transmitting deadly diseases, but they can, and they do! Check out what diseases ticks can inflict upon their hosts:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Tularemia
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Tick-borne relapsing fever

This is just a short list, but ticks can cause a lot more damage to your person just from their initial bite alone. They are parasites, and they attempt to burrow into your skin as a way to imbed themselves so they can stay for a long time.

How To Effectively Deter Ticks In Brentwood

There are a few ways to implement natural tick prevention around your yard. While most DIYs involve chemicals or ineffective traps, these tips are more about being proactive around the yard. These tips include:

  • Keep your lawn well-kept and mowed down low.
  • Keep any chopped wood appropriately stored and away from your home.
  • Plant tick repelling plants around your yard, such as lavender or sage.
  • Install a barrier of either gravel, woodchips, or mulch around the foundation of your home.

By keeping up with these tips around your home, you can get rid of ticks before they find their way onto you and your pets. However, if you believe that there is an uptake in the number of ticks and such around your home, a professional team is the way to go.

The Best Way To Permanently Remove Ticks From My Property

Contact our team at All-American Pest Control for the most effective form of tick eradication. No matter what types of ticks in Brentwood you come across, our team can help eliminate them. We know how stressful it can be to find ticks on your pets. 

That stress can become tenfold when these harmful pests attack you, but we can help put an end to that. We have over 50 years in this business at All-American Pest Control, and we have seen every pest you could think of. So reach out to us at All-American Pest Control for the best prevention and tick protection around.

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