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Brown recluse spiders make people nervous. These small, brown spiders have a reputation for causing scary-looking wounds. But are they as dangerous as everyone says they are? More importantly, do we have brown recluse spiders here in College Grove? Today, we're talking about brown recluse spiders and we're going to answer some questions residents in College Grove have about these scary spiders.

Are brown recluse spiders dangerous? 

The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Brown recluse spiders can be dangerous when their venom causes necrosis to spread through tissue around a bite wound. When necrosis spreads, it can create a disfiguring wound. But necrosis doesn't always spread. Sometimes it is isolated to a small ulcer in the middle of the bite, and nothing more. Another thing to consider is that brown recluse are reclusive spiders. They hide from people. Bites usually only happen when someone accidentally comes into close contact with them.

Do we have brown recluse spiders here in College Grove? 

Yes. Lots of them. This spider has a distribution that goes as far southwest as the middle of Texas, and as far northeast as the eastern border of Kentucky. That means almost the entire state of Tennessee has brown recluse, specifically brown recluse spiders of the species Loxosceles reclusa, which is the most widely distributed recluse species in the United States.

Do brown recluse spiders get into houses? 

Some spiders don't like living with us, and they rarely come inside for long. Brown recluse are not one of them. They do quite well inside homes, especially if there are bugs to eat.

Can I get rid of brown recluse spiders on my own? 

Most homeowners don't have much success in getting rid of these spiders. Their reclusive nature makes extermination complicated. It is best to hire an educated and experienced pest professional.

What does All-American Pest Control do about brown recluse? 

We have three brown recluse programs that vary in intensity. Our Ultra-Low-Level Brown Recluse service includes an inside and outside inspection, our standard treatment (which covers over 47 different pests), 1 to 2 glue boards placed in each room, quarterly visits, and free service between visits if target pests appear or reappear.

If more control is needed, we offer our Low-Level and Standard-Level recluse programs. These add additional services, such as a treatment of bedroom furniture, an application of dust within wall voids, and more glue boards per room to monitor for recluse activity.

If you're seeing brown spiders in your home, reach out to All-American Pest Control to schedule Brown Recluse Spider Reduction. Our College Grove pest control experts will help you get these spiders under control.

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