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Do you have a few little ants running around your home? Maybe you see a few ants in the kitchen heading for your pantry, or a few in the bathroom foraging around the sink. Did you know that this means that there are probably thousands of ants in their colony nearby or maybe even inside your home already? That ant colony is sending out workers to rummage through your house looking for food. Spring is a prime time for ants to start making their appearances and begin foraging for food. Unfortunately, your house might be a perfect place to start. If they are not taken care of properly the first time, ants can keep revisiting your home every spring.

First, lets start with the what not to do when it comes to ants in the house...

The only way to completely eliminate an ant infestation is to find and destroy the ant colony. A lot of DIY ant control products may help get rid of the ants you see in your house at that moment, but there is still a full colony just waiting to send out more foragers for food. Ant sprays, traps and bait are the most common DIY products for ant control. The problem is they do not eliminate the whole ant colony and after spending all of that money on product you will see ants again next spring. We do not recommend sprays and baits to kill the ants you see in your home.

Instead, here is some advice on how to most effectively get rid of ants...

The best Nashville pest control option is to hire a professional pest control company to eradicate the current ant problem and any future problems with ants in the house. A professional pest exterminator will start by determining the location of the ant colony and where your problem is coming in from. A professional is also a valuable resource for determining what kind of ants you have in your home. For example:

Carpenter ants in Nashville can be a real annoyance to have in your home. They not only enter your home in search of food, they will set up dwellings inside your homes wood. They love rotten or wet wood where they can easily make a home while they search for food. Their main colony will probably be located outside the home.

Odorous house ants are also common in Nashville. These ants will enter your home looking for food, water and shelter. Their favorite food is melon and if you crush them, they let off a “rotten-coconut” smell. Though they are not dangerous, they are a real pain to have in your home and can contaminate your food.

If you would like your ant problem eliminated once and for all from your home, the best choice is to call a professional Nashville pest control team. They can find the main source of your ant problem and exterminate it now and prevent future sightings, giving you peace of mind. Since there are so many different types of ants that could infest your home and cause many different problems not just for you but also for the structure of your home, it is best to let professionals get the job done and save you time and money in the long run.

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