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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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School may have started, but that doesn’t mean that mosquitoesfleas and ticks activity is coming to an end anytime soon in your Nashville TN yard. From now until the first freeze in Nashville, you will continue to battle bites from these troublesome pests. To get relief AND a good deal… don’t forget to mention Dave Ramsey to get 15% off mosquito, flea or tick treatments.  Besides just being annoying, these pests can spread serious diseases to you and your family and protecting your family is very important, especially since all of these insects seem to be worse this year than in previous years.  

When mosquitoes are looking for a blood meal, they seek out humans and other mammals, including your family pets.  When mosquitoes bite, they can leave behind itchy red bumps that can feel warm to the touch and even begin to swell.  Mosquitoes are known carriers of the West Nile virus, yellow fever and several forms of encephalitis. They can even cause heartworm in dogs that have been bitten. Oftentimes wearing insect repellent or trying to cover your skin while outdoors isn’t enough to protect your family from these pests. 

If you have pets like dogs or cats, you probably know about fleas. But did you know that you can have these pests both inside and outside your property even if you don’t have pets? If you’ve been getting little itchy bites on your legs or your ankles, or your pets seem to be scratching more than ever before, you may have fleas. Wild animals can actually bring these pests onto your property, or even spread them to your pets. While flea treatments for pets can be effective, pets can still develop allergies to these bites which cause scabs, hair loss and an overall feeling of distress. Inside your home, thorough cleanings of furniture, rugs and pet beds (and even your bed!) can help reduce infestations, flea control can be difficult to fully achieve without the assistance of a Nashville pest control professional. 

Ticks in Tennessee are especially bad this year. We have been getting phone calls from people in our Middle TN service area almost daily, saying that the ticks in their yards are worse than they can ever remember. You shouldn’t pick up several ticks just by walking into your back yard and if you do, something must be done! Ticks, especially the blacklegged tick (or deer tick), which can be found in Tennessee is capable of spreading Lyme disease to your pets as well as your family.  Lyme disease can cause a rash, fever, flu-like symptoms and can eventually joint pain, neurological problems and sometimes severe fatigue, liver inflammation and heart problems. 

As you can see, protecting your family from annoying mosquitoes, fleas and ticks is more than important for your family’s comfort; it’s important for their health (and yours!) too. This 15% off deal won’t last for long, so contact us today to schedule your mosquito, flea and tick treatments for your Mid-Tennessee yard and start enjoying summer!



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