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Are Orb Weaver Spiders In Hendersonville Something To Worry About?

Orb weavers get their name from the large, orb-shaped webs they create, but are these spiders something to worry about in Hendersonville? Here’s what local residents should know about orb weaver spiders, whether they bite, the safest way to get rid of them, and how to prevent spiders on your property with pest control in Hendersonville.

an orb weaver spider on a mans hand

What Do Orb Weaver Spiders Look Like?

With coloring that can range from brown to gray, yellow, orange, or red, orb weavers can be difficult to identify on sight because their appearance and size can vary so heavily from spider to spider.

The most distinguished characteristic of an orb weaver spider is its large, oddly-shaped webs. Orb weavers create silk webs with shapes and strands that may look similar to the spokes on a wheel. Many people liken them to the fake spider webs that you may find for Halloween decorations.

Some other interesting facts about spiders include:

  • Orb weaver spiders are nocturnal and primarily build their large webs at night. Once it gets close to dawn, orb weaver spiders may even start tearing apart their webs to retain moisture and prevent bigger pests, like birds, from getting caught inside.

  • Orb weavers do not hunt on the ground as wolf spiders do, but they wait near their webs for prey to get tangled up.

  • Orb weaver spiders like to feed on small insects like moths, flies, or ants, so homes with existing pest issues are especially attractive to them.

  • Night lights, tree branches, walls, bushes, and porches are all common areas inhabited by orb weaver spiders.

While it’s more common for orb weaver spiders to inhabit our properties than venture inside our homes, they may still settle inside if there’s enough pest prey for them to catch in their webs.

Do Orb Weaver Spiders Bite?

Do spiders bite, and more specifically, do orb weaver spiders bite? Yes, orb weaver spiders can bite people, but they are not medically dangerous to humans unless you’re allergic to the venom. An orb weaver spider bite may cause discomfort and pain similar to a bee sting, but there shouldn’t be long-term implications or lasting effects.

Fortunately, orb weaver spiders aren’t aggressive and rarely bite people unless they have to. If you accidentally step on or try to grab an orb weaver spider, you may be at risk for a bite. Otherwise, these pests are more likely to flee than they are to try and bite you.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Orb Weaver Spiders

How do I get rid of spiders? Even if they aren’t medically dangerous to most people, orb weaver spiders can be large and intimidating to have around your Hendersonville home or property. The safest way to get rid of them is by working with All-American Pest Control.

If you think you may have orb weavers building their intricate webs near your home or a similar type of spider that’s causing trouble, we’re only a phone call away. Contact us today at All-American Pest Control to learn more about how our spider control services could help you get rid of orb weavers or to request an estimate of our services.

How To Keep Orb Weaver Spiders Away From Your Property

When it comes to how to prevent spiders in Hendersonville, here are some quick tips for keeping orb weaver spiders away, such as:

  • Avoid luring in pest prey that attracts orb weavers by storing your food in a sanitary way, not leaving any leftovers out to rot or decay, and making sure there’s a tight lid on your trash cans.

  • Use a sealant like caulking to block off tiny cracks and crevices near your home that orb weaver spiders or pest prey may use to enter your house.

  • Regularly inspect your home and property for signs of orb weaver spiders and their webs. Check near walls, corners, porches, night lights, and tree branches. Sweep away webs to discourage spiders from sticking around.

  • If you’re bringing in any yard debris from your property, like a potted plant or a stack of wood, make sure you check it for signs of orb weaver spiders before bringing it inside.

  • Don’t let clutter pile up around your home, as this can provide orb weaver and other spiders with places to build webs or hide throughout the day.

If you still struggle with orb weaver spiders after taking the precautions above, the next step is to contact the service professionals at All-American Pest Control. Reach out today, to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Hendersonville.


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