4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Home Pest Control in Antioch, Tennessee

Protecting your Antioch home from the never ending line of pests waiting to invade it is very important for your family, your home, and your belongings. At All-American Pest Control, we understand that pests never give up so we offer year-round services to protect your home from over 47 pests.

Our year-round pest control programs require no annual contract and provide your property with both interior and exterior treatments. We focus on the exterior of your home to stop pests before they have the chance to make it inside, and deal with any existing infestations in your home as well. Our year-round programs also offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if pests return between our visits, we will come back to take care of the problem at no charge to you!

We also offer pest control services for specific pests including brown recluse spider control, flea and tick yard treatments, mosquito reduction, and termite control. Let us help you get started protecting your home from nuisance and damaging pests.

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Why All-American for Pest Control in Antioch, TN

All-American Pest control is a local Tennessee company that prides itself on providing local customers with exceptional pest control services that are performed on time by friendly, trained, and experienced local employees. We are proud to say that we are a QualityPro certified company and are nationally recognized leaders in the pest control industry. QualityPro certified means that we have exceeded the standards set by state and federal regulations in the areas of education & testing, business operation, environmental stewardship, and consumer protection. Trust All-American Pest Control to help you control and prevent pests in and around your home or business. World-renowned personality Dave Ramsey does, and so should you!

Termite Control in Antioch, TN

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Termites are very dangerous pests that require fast, tough action. Termites are not dangerous because they cause any harm to people - they don’t bite or sting and aren’t even known to carry or transmit any diseases. They are dangerous because of the amount of damage that they can inflict to your property. Termite infestations left untreated, can lead to extensive and costly repair bills. The best way to control and prevent termites in your Antioch home or business is to partner with the termite control experts here at All-American Pest Control.
All-American Pest Control can provide termite control services that eliminate entire termite colonies and prevent future problems with these tiny damaging pests through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The Sentricon system requires no trenching or digging, is non-invasive, and is environmentally friendly. It works to detect termites and attract them to its baiting stations where the Sentricon system begins to eliminate the entire colony immediately and provides continuous monitoring to prevent re-infestations. Trust the Sentricon® with Always Active™ and the termite professionals at All-American to protect your Antioch home and property from damaging termites.


How Dangerous Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Antioch, TN?

Brown recluse spiders are dangerous spiders because their venom is strong enough to cause serious health risks in people. The good news is that these spiders are super shy and want to stay away from you just as much as you want to stay away from them!

Brown recluse spiders are small spiders that have a distinct dark brown “violin-like” marking on their back. As their name suggests, these spiders like to hide in dark out-of-the-way places. Contact with brown recluse spiders is usually accidental but should be taken seriously. A bite from a brown recluse spider is not only very painful but slow-to-heal and prone to infection. If bitten by one of these spiders, medical attention should be sought.

If you are seeing brown recluse spiders on your property or in your home, contact All-American Pest Control. Our professional pest controller will find and eliminate these spiders and provide the routine services needed to prevent their return.  

Why Ants Are a Nuisance for Antioch Homes

There are many reasons people give for why these insects drive them crazy in their Antioch homes and properties. Let's take a look at some of the common ants we deal with in Tennessee and see what we can learn—because an ant infestation can do more than drive you crazy.

Odorous House Ants
Bacteria Spreader

Odorous house ants commonly get into homes. When they do, they can present a health threat by spreading harmful bacteria. If you're dealing with odorous house ants, pharaoh ants or some other common pantry-infesting ant, you could be exposed to harmful bacteria, which can lead to salmonellosis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, Clostridium and other bacterial illnesses. This is because these ants go back and forth from your trash to your food packages, food prep surfaces, and other sensitive locations.

Fire Ants
Stinging Threat

While predominantly an outside pest, fire ants can be a serious threat to anyone who is allergic to their venom. For those who are not, they are irritating pests that show up at backyard parties and cookouts to sting you on your feet while you're trying to enjoy yourself.

Carpenter Ants
Destructive Wood Pest

Carpenter ants are an indoor pest but in a much different way than other ants. While they will take up residence inside your home, they tunnel galleries in the wood of your home to establish their nests. This can lead to repair bills, water damage, mold, and many other issues.

When ants infest your Tennessee yard or home, they can be more than just a nuisance. Obtain ongoing protection from ant threats by reaching out to All-American Pest Control. Our pest control experts know how to track down and eliminate ants in your yard and in your home. Contact us today and get some relief from those frustrating and potentially dangerous ants.

Eliminating Rodents in Antioch Homes

Are you seeing (or hearing) the signs of a rat or mouse infestation? It can be quite troubling. There are few pests that can disturb a family the way mice can. 

The sound of their presence can sometimes be heard in walls as they scratch and bump their way down from attic nests to secret holes in pantries or in kitchens. The droppings they leave can be found littered in the back of your kitchen sink cabinet, on your food shelves, in the backs of your silverware drawers and more. The smell of urine can start to become noticeable in your pantry or as it emanates from under your stove or refrigerator. 

You may start to notice holes in baseboards, sheetrock, and also food packages on your shelves. These are all signs that you have a rodent problem in your College Grove home. Today we're going to look at what it means to have mice in your home and, most importantly, how to get rid of them.

What You Need to Know About Mice
When mice get in, they seldom leave. Your home provides the most important thing mice need, a safe place to hide. The fact that your home is filled with food and water sources is just a side benefit.
As mice move about your home, they're going to cause problems. They can damage insulation and the belongings in your home as they build their nests. They can contaminate food-storage areas with their urine and feces, which they have no problem leaving everywhere. They can get into your ventilation system and cause harmful particulates to become airborne. They can spread harmful bacteria on food-prep surfaces and dishes, as well as contaminate food packages. And, if all this isn't enough, mice also bring ticks, fleas, and other parasites in with them.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice
Since mice are such a serious problem, the best way to address this problem is with professional assistance. Getting rid of mice can be very difficult because mice are prolific breeders and secretive- which means if you have seen or heard one there are more you don't see. You might think you've gotten rid of them and they will be able to continue to multiply and cause illness and/or property damage.

Licensed professionals are trained in field-tested methods including good inspections, placement of bait or traps and proactive follow-up inspections and treatments to ensure the mice are eliminated. Getting rid of mice is never an overnight success. Choose a company that will strategically inspect, make treatments and follow-up. If you do, you won't be left wondering if all the rodents are truly gone.

If you’re dealing with rodents of any kind in your Antioch home, don’t suffer any longer: contact the pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control for help. 

Preventing Mosquitoes Around Your Antioch Home

This is the time of year when Antioch residents prepare for mosquito season. Are you ready? If not, it isn't too late to save your spring and summer from being ruined by these irritating, and potentially dangerous, pests. Here are some tips and strategies to help you reduce mosquitoes in your yard.

The first step is removing all sources of standing water from your yard

The mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are usually mosquitoes that are already on your property. This is because mosquitoes don't travel very far. Some mosquitoes won't travel more than 300 feet from where they hatched. Therefore, controlling mosquito populations can reduce how many bites you receive. And one of the best ways to control mosquito populations is to reduce stagnant water in your yard. Here are some ways you can do this.

Check your gutters. When gutters are broken or obstructed they can give mosquitoes a breeding site. Mosquitoes can breed in an inch of stagnant water. They'll breed in obstructed gutters or in standing water that accumulates near your home due to gutter issues.

Fill in low spots. If you have puddles that form near your home or in your yard, you may be able to prevent those puddles by filling in low spots. This will let the rainwater soak in more evenly, rather than puddling up over-saturated soil.

Remove water containers. Any object that can hold rainwater for more than a week can become a breeding location. This could be the seat of a swing, a toy left in the yard, a kiddie pool, a tarp, etc. Empty these containers and store those items away if you can. Mosquitoes can go from egg to adult in just over a week.Turn off lights at night or choose yellow bug lights.

Lighting and bug zappers can attract mosquitoes to your yard. Mosquitoes, like many insects, are attracted to light. If you keep lights on at night, you will lure mosquitoes into your yard. You can also lure them in by leaving your shades open at night.

If you need lights on at night, consider yellow bug lights. These lights can be found at any home improvement store. Yellow bug lights are not a repellant, but they do not attract mosquitoes and other bugs like incandescent lights do.

You may also consider removing your bug zappers. Studies have shown that bug zappers are great at drawing mosquitoes in but only effective at eliminating male mosquitoes, which don't bite.

In addition to the advice above, we have a few additional tips to share. If at all possible, schedule your outdoor activities to avoid dawn and dusk - the times when mosquitoes are most active. We get asked a lot about citronella candles. These candles have a mild repellent effect to mosquitoes, but do not seem to offer significantly better results than burning other candles. Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers, so placing a large fan on your deck can provide a low-tech solution.

What’s the solution? Ultimately, if you’re suffering from mosquitoes, the only solution is a professional treatment from a certified pest control provider. At All-American, we have all the tools you need to protect your home and keep your yard mosquito-free for the future. 

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