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January 31, 2018

termites in tennessee

Where Do Termites Go During The Winter?

Just like all insects, winter can affect how active termites are. Insects are cold-blooded animals that speed up when it is warm and slow down when it is cold. Some insects even have behavioral patterns that cause… Read More

November 20, 2017

termites in tennessee

When Should I Have A Termite Inspection?

This is a question we get a lot. And, like many pest control questions, this question can have many meanings. If you've come here wondering when you should have a termite inspection, look for your specific question… Read More

August 28, 2017

swarming termites near nashville home

Five Facts You Might Not Know About Termites

We all know termites eat wood. It is also a common understanding that termites feed on homes and businesses, which can lead to frustrating repair costs. But there is a surprising amount of information that most… Read More

March 7, 2017

subterranean termites near nashville home

What Termite Control Is Right For Me?

Subterranean termites are extremely destructive. As more people hear horror stories of homes and businesses being utterly destroyed, they are beginning to ask questions. Not just, "What termite control methods are… Read More

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