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January 24, 2019

all-american team in front of service van

Why No One Beats All-American at Protecting Nashville Homes

There are many facets to pest control. It isn't just about getting rid of pests, though that is certainly an important part of it. It is about caring for the needs of customers. When we get a call, we listen… Read More

August 31, 2015

good bugs and bad bugs coloring sheet

Good Bugs & Bad Bugs

Most kids love bugs.  Maybe it’s their natural curiosity about the world and everything in it that makes creatures with multiple legs, multiple eyes and other interesting features so… Read More

November 13, 2012


51 Fun Facts To Celebrate Our 51st Birthday

Can you believe we are celebrating our 51st birthday here at All-American Pest Control?! Since 1961 we have been providing Nashville and Middle Tennessee families with safe and effective pest control solutions, on… Read More

March 2, 2010

termite baiting station installed in ground

Termite Prevention Tips

Wow! There is a lot of really bad information about termites on the internet. I just did a quick search to see what is out there before writing this post and it's frustrating to me to read all the fear-based, scare… Read More