4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Is year round pest control really important? If you're waiting till you have an infestation to call a pest controller, you're throwing money out the window, putting your home at risk, and exposing your family to unnecessary illness. Protecting your home from bugs and rodents is a lot easier and less costly than removing an infestation. Okay. But do you really need year round coverage? The answer may shock you.

In spring, life returns. Trees come to life. Plants and flowers come to life. And, bugs come to life. This is when you'll know if bugs have overwintered in your home. Cockroaches, ants, and stinging insects will come out of the woodwork--quite literally. This is when pest control is used to arrest the development of harmful plant and home eating insects, and when inspections are needed to detect pests that got past your defenses. And, this is also the time that you are most likely to detect a termite problem. Termite swarms are prevalent in Nashville in April and the beginning of May. Termites are active all year round, but they swarm out and look like what it a cloud of insects in the spring.

Through summer, insects will build colonies, nests, and hives in, and around your home. Food sources are abundant, so populations will grow. This is the season when nature thrives. Pest treatments can help you control ant, mosquito, earwig, beetle, wasp, and spider populations around your home. Your yard is teeming with insects in the summer. This is the best time to keep those populations choked, and to practice exclusion methods that will deter them from entering your yard. Most of our customers choose a year round program that includes misting in addition to perimeter applications. These extra boosts of targeted applications help minimizes mosquito populations and reduce spider populations and webs.

In fall, almost everything wants to get in your home, garage, shed, or under your deck. You'll have wasps, stink bugs, cluster flies, and lady bugs searching your exterior walls for an opening. You'll have spiders, roaches, rodents and beetles squeezing in through gaps and cracks. And, the termites come in their swarms, for a second time. This is a good time to check your exterior walls and foundation for entry points, and seal them. A pest controller can protect your perimeter and walls with a limited and focused use of pesticides, and show you where you're vulnerable.

Winter is perhaps the most important time of year to have a pest control visit. Termites and rodents don't need a hole in your defence to get into your home, they chew their way in. And, these two pests don't hibernate. If you have termites, they will eat the wood of your home twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A winter inspection and treatment targets the vulnerable pest entry points. Wasp, mice, spider and ant treatments are the most common pest treatments in the winter.

Get year round protection today and keep your home and your family safe from invasive insects, rodents, and wildlife.

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