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Have you ever wished you could get a quick primer on how to keep wolf spiders out of your home? Well, here you go. We've put together this quick guide to help you understand what wolf spiders are and how you can successfully keep them out of your home.

Keeping any pest out of your home will always start with proper identification. While the methods used to keep wolf spiders out of your home can keep other spiders out as well, there are a few important facts that pertain to wolf spiders.


There are many wolf spider species. The one you are most likely to see in your Tennessee home will be between 3/8 and 1 3/8 inches long, with tan coloration and two dark brown stripes on its back. These are hairy spiders that prefer to be in locations that are moist.

How Wolf Spiders Are Unique

These spiders do not create webs. While they are able to spin thread, they use this thread to create an entrance to their burrows, rather than hang them up to catch flies. If you see holes around your home that have silk thread entrances, you have wolf spiders.

A female wolf spider carries her young on her back. If you step on her, you may get a very unfortunate surprise.

Wolf spiders hunt for their food. If you have bugs in your home, you're likely to invite this hunter spider in for a bite to eat.

Quick Spider Tips

  • As hinted at above, bugs are an attractant for wolf spiders. If you prevent other bugs, you'll be preventing wolf spiders as well. One way to address other bugs is to make sure your trash is always in sealed containers.

  • Wolf spiders are drawn to areas of moisture because moisture pests are drawn to these locations. If you have a leaky spigot or a broken gutter, making repairs will help you deter spiders.

  • Keeping things trimmed in your yard and removing objects that can provide harborage will make your yard less interesting to bugs in general, but especially spiders.

  • Wolf spiders get into a home because they can. It is important to do a routine inspection of your home and address any entry points you find. If you're unable to fix holes, gaps, and cracks officially, use a caulking gun to address those areas until you are able. Some locations on your exterior may be impossible to get to such as underneath a deck, patio, or porch. In these circumstances, a professional can help by applying appropriate EPA-approved pest treatments to bolster your defenses in these areas.

If you live in Middle Tennessee and you'd like to establish a pest-resistant home consider partnering with All-American Pest Control. We've been protecting Tennessee homes for over 55 years. We look forward to helping you protect yours.  

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