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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Are you seeing slithery, shiny, alien-looking insects crawling around on your bathroom floor? Or perhaps in your laundry room or kitchen area? These creatures are aptly-named silverfish because they have a silvery color and they sometimes move on surfaces in a motion that resembles a fish swimming through water. And, while some people might find them fascinating, most agree that they simply are not fun to have around. So if you are seeing them in your home, you may be wondering why they have chosen your home to invade.

There are several conditions which can draw silverfish close to our foundation walls, other conditions that make it possible for them to enter our homes, and even more conditions that make silverfish right at home once they find their way inside.

  • Conditions outside that draw in silverfish: Silverfish are moisture pests. This means they are attracted to moisture, and they actually need it to survive. If you have wet areas near your foundation walls, silverfish will love you for it.

  • Conditions on the outside of your house that allow silverfish to invade: Silverfish are tiny. This means that they can squeeze in through the tiniest gaps or cracks in your foundation or outer walls.

  • Conditions inside that make silverfish want to stay: If silverfish find sources of food and a nice moist environment, they will be more than content to stick around.

Things You Can Do To Prevent A Silverfish Invasion

If you want to keep silverfish from getting into your home, you will need to first make your yard less attractive to moisture pests, then make the area directly around your home less attractive, seal up any holes in the outside of your home, and finally make the inside of your home less attractive. Here are some steps you can take.

  • Remove any materials from your yard that harbor moisture. Silverfish love to camp out underneath piles of moist leaves and other wet materials.

  • Consider replacing mulch around your perimeter with something that does not hold moisture, such as crushed rock.

  • Make sure you have no broken or obstructed gutters. Water that runs down the side of a home can create rotting wood which moisture pests love to exploit.

  • Check your foundation and outer walls for gaps, cracks or holes. If you cannot have them professionally repaired, use a caulking gun to seal up any holes you find. Remember, it doesn't take much of a hole for a tiny silverfish to squeeze through.

  • Make your home drier. If you have wet, moist, or humid areas, use fans or dehumidifiers to dry things out. Make sure to always use the bathroom vent while showering. And repair any leaky pipes or fixtures you have in your home.

If silverfish are allowed to thrive, they can be destructive to many items that are common in homes. They love starchy substances, so they are known to chew away at items such as wallpaper, book bindings, and even old photos.

If you need help protecting your home from these destructive critters and would rather not have them popping up in unexpected places in your home, reach out to All-American Pest Control today. We can guide you in the best year-round solutions for silverfish, or any other pest that is plaguing you. Call us today for prompt assistance.

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