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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There are few things more important than a termite inspection. Termites can cost you thousands in repairs and even render your home unrepairable. After years of slowly paying off your mortgage, it is devastating to find these insects shredding your support beams. Even worse is finding them after purchasing a new home. Many home buyers don't realize this, but a professional home inspector is not certified or equipped to identify the existence of these silent intruders. If you find termites after you have already signed papers for your new home, the problem becomes your responsibility. What is most insidious about this is that the last homeowners were probably unaware as well.

  • If you're buying a home, contact a pest control company and get a certified termite inspection to protect yourself from unforeseen repair costs.

  • If you are selling a home, get a certified termite inspection to prevent a potential buyer from withdrawing in the final hours of a sale. It can also help you financially, if the buyer is still interested. What usually happens is the buyer will find out from their termite inspector that there is a problem, then will ask you to pay for the repairs and removal. If you find them first, you can add the repairs and removal into the asking price of your home. Selling a home can be a long process, take precautions to not fall into this trap.

  • If you've owned your home awhile, get a certified termite inspection to know that your investment is secure. Termites can come by night and infest a home without ever leaving a visible trace. These insects can devour a home silently for months before they are detected.

The best protection from termites is to have a pest controller lay down bait stations and kill colonies before they can get established. Detection and advanced elimination will shield your home from this destructive insect. But, if you're not ready to make the commitment to have year-round termite prevention, please consider getting an inspection. With over $5 billion in property damage attributed to termites each year in the United States, it only makes sense to protect your home from termites.

For many Americans, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they will make in their entire life. Safeguard your home. Have a certified termite inspection and set up a plan to monitor and protect your home from wood-eating insects.

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