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Bed Bugs are infesting more and more homes, businesses, multifamily residences and assisted living facilities. Thankfully, with the help of heat (yes, heat!), our team of Nashville exterminators can quickly and effectively kill bed bugs in your home. No matter how severe the infestation, heat has proven to be the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs.


The Challenge: Bed Bugs are extremely difficult to detect by the naked eye and bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate with chemicals alone.


  1. Detecting bed bugs is difficult because even though you can see adult bed bugs and nymphs, early infestations often go undetected for the first several months due to their size, nocturnal nature, and ability to hide. After a bed bug infestation has been confirmed through monitoring devices, a visual inspection or dog inspection, and the treatment process has begun, it remains difficult to ensure that every last bed bug has been eradicated for the same reasons.

  2. Chemicals alone do not work for three main reasons. First of all, bed bugs have become more and more resistant to chemical applications. Second, many chemical materials need direct contact with a bed bug and like we mentioned earlier, it is difficult if not impossible to find every last one of them. And third, bed bug eggs are immune to chemicals and will hatch out again in about 2 weeks.


The Solution: Combine Heat, Migration Treatments, Monitoring Devices, and Follow-Up Services to get those bed bugs GONE!


  1. Heat is an essential element of any bed bug elimination program for the reasons list above. All stages of the bed bug (egg, nymph, adult, etc.) die at 122 degrees. A home or room needs to reach a minimum of 122 degrees and we get our best results when that minimum temperature is maintained for at least 3 hours. Not only do we want the air to reach that temperature, we want your clothes, pillows, sheets, everything in the room to reach the minimum temperature. We go in 3 times during the 3 hours to check temperatures, move mattresses, open drawers, etc to ensure every aspect of the room reaches the critical temperature.

  2. Migration Treatments are chemical applications to help with the elimination, provide some lasting treatment in case a few bug survive the sauna, and catch bugs if the try and run from the heat.

  3. The two most effective bed bug monitoring tools include mattress encasements and interceptor devices. A mattress encasement removes the folds and hiding spots an uncovered mattress provides for bed bugs so that during future inspections bed bugs can be spotted more quickly. And interceptor devices under the bed legs trap any surviving bugs as the crawl up the bed. These two monitoring tools are also great bed bug prevention tools.

  4. Regular two week follow-up inspections and applications are absolutely essential until every single person involved is reporting that they are not experiencing any more bites and they are not seeing any more bugs. Some people choose to go the extra mile and 2 weeks after everyone has reported no more bed bugs and no more bed bug bites a dog inspection is scheduled. Dog inspections are not perfect, but a well training dog teamed with a well-trained handler can detect very low levels of bed bugs.


The Warranty. The majority of our bed bug treatments receive a 90 warranty after everyone reports that they are no longer seeing bed bugs and no longer experiencing bites. If bed bugs happen to reappear during the 90 day window, we will restart the two week inspections and services again until they are GONE- ELIMINATED – OUT OF HERE!


If you are waking to bed bug bites, noticing small dark spots on the mattress and sheets, or if you are seeing live bed bugs, please contact All-American Pest Control right away! It is best to treat bed bugs as soon as you notice them so that you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep knowing that your home is bed bug free.


For more information on bed bug treatments in Nashville, including our bed bug heat treatments, give our Nashville pest control company a call today to request a bed bug consultation!