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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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With a stinging insect nest around your home or property, the chance of being stung by a yellow jacket or hornet is a distinct possibility. In the fall when these insects are out searching for mates, you will see them flying around outside their nest much more often. They become very defensive when they feel their nest is threatened and this is when they are most likely to sting.  Wasp stings can be very dangerous to your health, depending on your body’s reaction to the venom. There are four different types of reactions to wasp stings and they include:

A local reaction. This is the most common reaction to a wasp sting and can include pain and swelling, warmth around the sting area and redness. Sometimes people feel itching as well, but fortunately the symptoms only last a few hours.  Icing the area and/or taking ibuprofen (talk to your doctor before taking any medication) may help ease discomfort.

A body-wide allergic reaction.  This is far less common and is thought to happen in less than 3% of stings. Symptoms include hives and flushing of the skin as well as difficulty breathing due to swelling of the pharynx and narrowing of the bronchial passages. This type of reaction can vary in severity and can be life threatening; medical attention may become necessary.

A toxic reaction. This type of reaction often occurs when someone has received a multitude of stings. Symptoms can include fever and nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, headache, fainting, dizziness and even convulsions. This reaction can also be life threatening and if experienced, medical attention should be sought.

A delayed reaction. This is quite uncommon but it is a reaction that occurs days to weeks after the sting. Symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on the individual’s own medical history.  Again seeking the advice of your doctor is highly recommended.

In Middle Tennessee, wasps become a serious problem in the fall and early winter.  Recognizing what kind of stinging insect you have on your property is the first step in wasp control, but the second step should be contacting the professionals at All-American Pest Control.  We offer our Perimeter Pest Control for all your residential pest control needs that includes services for wasp control in Davidson county, Rutherford county, Williamson county and Cheatham county, among others.  Contact us today to request your free home evaluation and for more information on how we can protect you and your family from wasps and other insects as well as rodents this fall and winter.

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