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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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All spiders have fangs, and all spiders have venom, but there are only two spiders in the United States that are considered to be a serious medical threat. You can probably name them. They are both infamous. Today, we're going to forego talking about black widow spiders and focus our attention on the spider that is most often called a brown recluse, though it has many names. You might call them violin spiders, fiddleback spiders, or just plain old brown spiders. When these spiders appear in your Nashville home, it is likely that you will want them out, at all costs. They have the potential to cause a serious wound. Here's how our service team members work to get control of this pest threat.


The first step is to determine the level of infestation. Your service professional will look for areas that are conducive to brown recluse activity, check for webs, and track down other evidence. From this inspection, a treatment plan will be developed.


There are many treatment options for eliminating brown recluse spiders inside your home. One of the most common is an application of dust inside wall voids to eliminate the spiders hiding in voids. This requires moving furniture around and taking wall plates off, but don't worry, your service professional will put those items back after the treatment.


Brown recluse control is a process. It doesn't happen overnight. Your service professional will apply glue boards in strategic locations to monitor brown recluse activity and ensure that the treatments are getting the job done.

Perimeter Protection

When addressing a brown recluse infestation, it is important to treat the outside of your home. Perimeter treatments work to keep new spiders from coming in and replacing the spiders that are eliminated, and it helps to prevent future infestations from taking root. Your perimeter is the most important area for pest control. This area includes your exterior walls, foundation walls, landscaping, garage door seal, voids underneath structures, etc. When your perimeter is properly treated with EPA approved products, those treatments will work to repel and eliminate pests before they get into your home. Our Brown Recluse Spider Reduction plans cover over 47 different pests, not just spiders. Why? Because one of the best ways to reduce brown recluse spiders is to remove the food they eat, which are all of those insects crawling around the outside of your Nashville home.

Spider Bite Prevention

As we work to eliminate spiders in your home and prevent more spiders from getting in, we help you prevent bites by offering guidance in brown recluse spider bite prevention.

  • Keep clothing off the floor.

  • Remove skirts from beds.

  • Make sure bedding doesn't touch the floor.

  • Remove clutter from rooms.

  • Vacuum under furniture regularly.

  • Shake shoes and clothing before wearing them.

  • Carefully inspect items taken out of storage.

  • Don't miss any of your scheduled appointments for service.

If you are bitten, apply ice to the bite wound and seek medical attention. Brown recluse spider bites often have an ulcer or blister in the center. This will help you recognize them if you didn't see the spider when it bit you.

Again, keep in mind that brown recluse spider reduction is an ongoing service of constant pest protection. It isn't a quick fix. Anyone who tells you that it is should not be trusted.

We look forward to assisting you with this important health concern.  

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