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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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The whirlwind is over and just like that, Christmas has come and gone for another year and now starts the daunting task of packing all of the decorations back up for another season. Something you don't want to worry about once those priceless family memories are packed away is creepy, crawly critters sneaking in and chewing away at those decorations that mean the most to you. There are some things you can do to minimize the chance that mice could get in and chew away at the Christmas decorations that are such a huge part of your holidays.

While strings of popcorn or cranberries can hold sentimental value and memories, they can also attract mice. It may be tough, but these decorations should be tossed. Rodents are also attracted to any smell of food so you want to be sure you wash any linens, table clothes or stockings before you pack them away. These linens should also be dried completely before you pack them away.

Whenever possible, you should pack holiday decor in airtight, sealed containers or bins. Not only is it harder for mice to get into bins but it also helps prevent mold and mildew (another thing rodents are attracted to). You should also wrap fragile ornaments just in case rodents do get in that way they will be less likely to break anything.

Check around the space you are planning to store your holiday decorations and make sure there is no sign of critters, such as droppings, gnaw marks or holes. It is also important to be sure the area you store your decorations in is not already a cluttered disaster. Clutter can invite pests because of all of the potential hiding places.

Make sure you take some time to deep clean your home after you have packed up your holiday decorations. With all the excitement of Christmas morning, it is easy to misplace a chocolate Santa under the couch or for a candy cane to fall behind the furniture.

Making sure your decorations are packed away properly is so important when it comes to protecting those precious holiday memories from mice. On top of that, storing your holiday decor in sealed bins and spaces that are free of clutter can also prevent brown recluse spiders, another pest that can quite effectively ruin your holiday season next December. Don't open your holiday bins next year and be surprised with pests. Be prepared and pack your Christmas items with pests in mind!

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