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The holidays are here, which means lots of traveling! In fact, according to TripAdvisor, almost half of all consumers polled plan on increasing their travel budget for the 2013 holiday season. With more travelers on the roads and staying in commercial lodgings, the chances of picking up bed bugs on your travels become quite a bit higher. These sneaky pests are excellent hitchhikers, so you must be aware of bed bugs if you plan to travel this holiday season.


Bed bugs are known for being anywhere that humans are; they need to live near people so that they can feed on our blood for nourishment. Because hotels are often quick stops for many different travelers, bed bugs can be introduced into a hotel room very easily. Just one person that is traveling with a bed bug, or bed bug eggs can introduce bed bugs into a commercial lodging facility. For example, Mr. Smith rents room 232 at the local hotel or bed and breakfast. He doesn’t realize it, but he recently came in contact with bed bugs and they have been hiding inside his luggage. Once inside the room, the bed bugs flee from wherever they were hiding and find a good place to hide inside room 232. When Mr. Smith checks out the next morning, he takes his luggage with him and leaves behind the bed bugs that followed him there, thus creating a problem for all future occupants of room 232.


If you are a future occupant of room 232, there’s a good chance you had no idea about the other guests living inside the room, especially if you’ve never previously given thought to bed bugs in hotels. But unfortunately this scenario happens a lot. You should also keep in mind that the hotel scenario is not the only way bed bugs are transferred from person to person; you can pick these pests up while spending time in movie theaters, friend’s homes, retail shops, shopping online,libraries and many other places where people spend a significant amount of time or come in contact with the same item.


For those holiday travelers out there, it’s important to realize that bed bugs can also be found inside modes of transportation, including buses, trains, rental cars and even airplanes. Knowing the signs of bed bugs before you travel can help you significantly in making sure you don’t bring these pests home with you.


When traveling, we recommended these 4 simple bed bug tips…


  1. When traveling, check your mattress and headboard for bed bugs, bed bug eggs and spotting. This is best done with two people (to remove the headboard from the wall) and a flashlight.

  2. Do not put your luggage on the bed or floor. Use the metal luggage racks for your luggage, keep your clothes on hangers or in your luggage for the entire hotel stay.

  3. First stop when you get home is the dryer! Immediately upon returning home from your trip, place all your clothing in the dryer for 30 minutes. You can even dry your “dry cleaning only” clothes (just don’t get your ”dry clean only clothes” wet before drying)

  4. Take that flashlight and closely inspect your luggage for bed bugs and bed bug eggs before putting it away to store

If you suspect you’ve come into contact with bed bugs, or you would just like the peace of mind in knowing your home or apartment is bed bug free, contact the professionals at All-American for a visual inspection or to set up a scent detection performed by a bed bug detection dogs. These extensively trained pups can locate even a single bed bug through the power of scent; inspections by these highly trained dogs are very accurate and often take less than 5 minutes per room. Should the bed bug inspection dogs detect bed bugs, we can offer a bed bug treatment to eliminate these pests so that you can sleep well at night, without the worry of those pesky bed bug bites.


For local pest control services you can trust in Nashville, contact All-American Pest Control today. We want you to be able to enjoy the holidays without the worry of bed bugs; contact us to schedule your first appo