4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There are multiple reasons why home pest control services are important to have in place. Consider the following:


  • Nashville pest control services are crucial to the health and wellbeing of all residential dwellings.

  • Rats bite more than 45,000 people each year, transmit diseases and can damage property and cause fires by chewing into electrical wires.

  • Statistics state that more than two million Americans are allergic to stinging insects. More than 500,000 of them are treated at the hospital emergency rooms because of stinging insects.

  • Cockroaches can be found anywhere in the United States and can contaminate food and spread multiple diseases.


These are just a few hazardous health issues caused by pests. When considering the potential damage to property and the health of your family it is easy to see that having professional pest control services will be of great benefit. In the case of a bad infestation, it can be more costly to try a variety of ineffective pest control products and still have the problem. Nashville exterminators at All-American Pest Control are highly trained and properly equipped to treat all type of pests and under the most difficult of conditions.


Even though Tennessee residents are very likely to experience unwanted pests throughout the year, each season has its own challenge. All-American Pest Control offers a no-obligation, free home evaluation. Highly trained pest management professionals will look inside and around your home for any sign of termites and other pests. You will receive a comprehensive report of conditions, damages and solutions. The services available include perimeter pest control, termite protection, bed bug elimination, fire ant and mosquito reduction services and tick and flea yard treatments.


There are also some simple pest prevention tips that will reduce the risk of infestation. Household pests enter your home in search of food and water. The first step toward reduction of pests is to remove all points of entry into the home. Begin by sealing any cracks around doors and windows. Also repair any rips or tears in your window screens. Remove any piles of debris close to the house. These are great attractions to a variety of pests.


Keep the kitchen area clean and free of food crumbs and spills. Store all leftover food in sealed containers. Check for leaky faucets or excess moisture under sinks and in the basement. Again, pests need moisture and removing the available source will reduce the risks of infestation. These preventive tips along with the professional services of All-American Pest Control will give you peace of mind in the management of pests in the home. Click here to learn more about the home pest control services offered by All-American!


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