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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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It’s that time of year again - the time that we all are not looking forward to. No, I am not talking about tax time. I am talking about the great mouse migration. What? You have never heard of it? So maybe it’s not an actual migration, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

Mice do not enjoy living outside when the cooler and less desirable winter weather arrives. Here in Tennessee it may not be subzero tundra-like weather, but it’s most certainly a cooler season than the other times during the year. Not only do we notice it, but so do the rodents. They, like us, aren’t keen on being outside any more than they have to, which means they are migrating indoors. Keeping them out of your Tennessee home or business is easier than you may think; especially if you employ the expert team here at All-American Pest Control. We have been serving our neighbors for over half a century! Our family owned and operated pest control team is and always has been your best choice for all your pest control needs.

Mice, like other rodents and pests, can be deterred from entering your home or business. If they don’t find what they desire or a way to get in, they will move on in their search for the perfect place to use as their winter get-away. While a year round home pest control program is the most complete avenue to get rid of and prevent mice from making your place the destination of their winter migration, there are a few things that you can do to help keep them outside. These things include:

  • Store firewood, trash, and piles of building materials at least 20 feet away from buildings.

  • Keep shrubbery and trees trimmed back away from the exterior of buildings.

  • Repair or fill all cracks, crevices, and holes in basement walls and around basement windows.

  • Replace or repair all damaged door and window screens.

  • Install door sweeps on all doors, and don’t forget your overhead garage door!

  • Seal all cracks and crevices in the exterior of your building, especially around utility pipe entrances.

  • Eliminate all moisture issue sites; i.e. leaky pipes, garden hoses, or sprinklers.

  • Store food in airtight containers.

  • Immediately clean up all spills and crumbs.

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink. Wash them immediately.

Most importantly, if you spot evidence of mice in your home don’t delay. One discovery of mouse droppings or of compromised food is just the tip of the iceberg. These humanly unsocial critters stay away from us as much as possible, so the little bit of evidence that you find is an indication that many mice have surely moved in.

With our free home inspection, you have nothing to lose. Contact us today and let us be your partner in defending your home or business against the effects of the great mouse migration. All-American Pest Control, our family working to protect yours.