4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Bees do a job that is so much larger than they are. They must be tiny super heroes! Nothing on earth can do their job. No machine or any other living thing. No one or nothing can pollinate and cross pollinate our world quite as perfectly as the one creature that was designed to do it, the amazing bee.

While they may not have colorful capes when they fly, nor a big B stamped to their chests, they are certainly super heroes of great importance. Spreading pollen to and fro to guarantee the future of plants, flowers, and crops is just what they do naturally. And, as if that wasn’t important or grand enough, some of them create a sweet and nutritious substance called honey. Let me tell ya, there’s a reason that we say that something or someone is as sweet as honey. Honey not only is a sweet nectar, but some people believe that it actually has healing and healthful properties as well. These super hero pests spread love by spreading pollen and producing yummy honey. They are almost super hero’s times two! Maybe Bees squared? Or Bx2?

While bees serve a purpose that is immeasurable in our world they can, unfortunately, be a bit of a pest if they have built a hive in a place that is a bit too close for comfort. You see, while we don’t deny that these super insects are in our world, we do acknowledge that sometimes cohabitating with them at our homes and businesses can be undesirable for them and us.

Bees can be injured, or the life of their hive can be at great risk when they find themselves in a location that is not suitable for them. Sometimes, the area that they choose for their hive may seem like the perfect spot initially, but it has morphed around them and is now an inopportune place for them to flourish. In this case, for the sake of the hive’s longevity, it would be best for a certified bee handler to relocate the hive to a more suitable place.

Other times, bees will choose a location to build a hive where they have the perfect environment to have a thriving and growing healthy hive, but it is not the most comfortable spot for us. Maybe it’s too close to a home or business, or maybe it’s in close proximity to a park or playground. This is another common time that it’s best to relocate the hive to a safer place for both the hive and people involved.

Here at All American we live and work in Tennessee just like you, and we are concerned about the quality of lives of our neighbors and the bees here in Tennessee. Bees are surely an invaluable community member in Tennessee and we want to keep them safe and buzzing around doing the job that they were designed to do. Whenever possible we believe that leaving bees to do their thing, right where they want is top priority. If you have a problem with stinging insects, like wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets we can surely come over and help. After determining what type of insect is causing the problems we will present you with the solutions that fit your specific situation. Do NOT ever try to move or solve a stinging insect problem on your own. Serious injuries can result from being in the midst of a swarm of any stinging insect.

Let’s help the super hero bees keep on buzzing around our great state by being good neighbors to them and each other. And remember, if you think that you may have a bee or pest problem, give the experts here at All-American a call. Our family serving yours, the way we have been for many years.

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