4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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It’s warming up here in Nashville and across Tennessee and that is certainly something to get excited about. But with the heat comes the inevitable threat of fleas and ticks. Both of these pests can be troublesome not just to us but to our cats and dogs as well. So before fleas and ticks really become active both inside and outside of your Nashville home, now is the time to gear up with All-American’s flea and tick yard treatments.


Why have a flea and tick yard treatment?


Fleas and ticks are both a threat to humans and pets. Fleas can hop onto the fur of your pet or even onto your clothing and get into your home. Fleas leave itchy bites and they multiply QUICKLY which means your home can be taken over by these tiny, biting pests. What’s worse is that when biting humans and pets, fleas can infect victims with tapeworm.


When it comes to ticks, while they may not infest your home in the same way, they will latch onto the fur of an animal or even your clothing and to find flesh for a blood meal. Blacklegged ticks (more commonly referred to as deer ticks) are most known for spreading Lyme disease, which was a major problem for people across the country last year and is expected to be the same this year. So clearly, both fleas and ticks are dangerous and should always be prevented to the best of your ability.


Nashville pest control for fleas and ticks:


To help you battle these spring and summer pests, All-American Pest Control offers a flea and tick yard treatment in Nashville which will surely help to prevent flea and tick bites this year. Because these pests can be introduced onto your property from wildlife, it makes them much harder to control so we do not recommend attempts to get rid of fleas and ticks on your own. Our flea and tick treatments include:


  • A misting of the lawn and landscaping

  • Granular applications for long-term tick and flea prevention

  • Applications to more hidden areas like under the deck or in crawl spaces


If you are ready to protect your property, home and family from the threat of fleas and ticks this spring, please contact us today for an estimate on flea and tick control in Nashville!

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