4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Spiders inside your home are never a welcomed sight. If the only sign of them are the webs you clean up while doing your spring cleaning, that means there are definitely spiders hanging out in your house. If spiders in Tennessee are hanging out inside your house, it probably means that they are there to eat some of the other insects that are residing in your home. Contrary to what some people may think, spiders are active all year long. However, you may only start to notice spiders during the warmer spring months when they come out of hiding because more insect prey are available.

What types of spiders are you seeing in your home? Typically the house spider is the biggest culprit for the webs you find randomly tucked into window or door frames. These spiders aren’t very big and aren’t really cause for concern... Unless you have a debilitating fear of spiders – then their very presence can send you screaming! When spiders infest your home in large numbers, then they become problematic. Finding a spider when you pull back your bed sheets or when you put on your shoes can give you a really strong feeling of being uncomfortable in your own home. This is where the professionals come in! At All-American Pest Control, we get a lot of phone calls in the spring from concerned homeowners that are wondering how to get rid of spiders. When you choose our year round pest control plan, we can help eliminate spiders and the insects they are after so that you don’t have to worry about finding these pests in unexpected places inside your home. Our Tennessee pest control services are the best way to get rid of a spider problem, but there are a few prevention tips we can offer too. These include:

  • Try to reduce areas of high humidity. Spiders like humidity, so running a dehumidifier in rooms that are especially damp can help reduce spider populations.

  • Keep woodpiles or other outdoor items stored away from the house. Spiders find these piles to be great hiding places.

  • Use a broom or vacuum to remove any spider webs you find in your home.

  • Trim back vegetation from the outside of your home so that nothing is touching the sides or roof.

These prevention tips are useful for keeping out the majority of spiders, but they may not be enough to eliminate the problem completely. If you have been seeing poisonous brown recluse spiders, we recommend that you give us a call immediately. You don’t want to be playing host to these spiders at all!

Spring is a great time of year for most insects. They’ll be coming out in droves now and since insects are spiders’ main source of food, the spiders will be more obvious now too. If you’ve got a problem with spiders in your home, give us a call to see how our TN pest control services can help you eliminate these pests and keep them from coming back!  You can also schedule a free home evaluation right here on our website

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