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Don’t stay home! Just take the time to follow these simple (and free) steps to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you!

This short story by the NBC Affiliate in Philadelphia reminds us all that bed bugs are still causing big problems. Bed bugs in schools and public places are a threat to us all. Treatments are expensive and difficult. In public places where no one is sleeping, treatments can become even more expensive and difficult. The good news is… pest control companies have learned a lot over the past 5 years and treatments continue to improve and costs are going down! Plus, there are simple things that you can do to prevent bringing bed bugs back to your home after traveling. And, these simple things… cost nothing!

Simple (and Free) Things to do to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations for your Home

  1. When traveling, check your mattress and head board for bed bugs, bed bug eggs and spotting. This is best done with two people (to remove the head board from the wall) and a flashlight.

  2. Do not put your luggage on the bed or floor. I use the metal luggage racks for my luggage and I keep my clothes on hangers or in my luggage for the entire hotel stay.

  3. First stop when you get home is the dryer! Immediately upon returning home from your trip, place all your clothing in the dryer for 30 minutes. I even dry my dry cleaning only clothes (just don’t get your dry clean only clothes wet before drying)

  4. Take that flashlight and closely inspect your luggage for bed bugs and bed bug eggs before putting it away to store

For more information about how to prevent bed bugs or for bed bug treatment options, contact All-American Pest Control. All-American Pest Control is a Nashville, TN pest control company that has been providing pest control services for Middle Tennessee home and businesses for over 50 years.