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Bed Bugs are our new reality, but no bug is going to keep me from traveling. To keep bugs away, I recommend a simple, quick inspection when you first arrive in your hotel room. Quick Tip #1: Check the headboard!  The headboard in a hotel is the bed bugs favorite place. Why not the bed, you ask? The coming and going of the hotel house keeping, frequent bed linen changes and mattress flipping encourages the bug to snuggle up in the less disturbed head board. To check a head board, it's best to have a partner to help you lift it off the wall. Look for bugs and spotting (small brown dots). If you see something that looks like spotting and you're not sure there is a simple test. Quick Tip #2: Take a wash rag and wipe over the suspect spot- if it smears it's likely a sign of bed bugs. 

If you find bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs, go tell your hotel staff. They should inspect and get you a new room promptly. Quick Tip #3: If the hotel responds promptly with sincere earnest, forgive them! I promise hotels do not want bed bugs anymore than you do! They want you as a repeat customer. Hotels face a particularly difficult (and expensive) challenge when it comes to bed bugs due to the fact that daily, new visitors may bring bugs with them.

For practical, honest bed bug information, email Erin Richardson. For a 7 Step Program that Eliminates Bed Bugs, call today!