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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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As the temperatures drop, rodents will begin to look for a place to spend the winter. It happens every year. You may already be familiar with this issue. But do you know that it is easier and less expensive to prevent rodents from coming in than it is to get rid of a rodent infestation? Here are some ideas that will help you prepare for the rodent invasion and save you from a costly pest extermination.


Conditions in your yard can invite rodents to come in close to your home, and when they come in close, they will inevitably start looking for a way to get in.

  • Keep your lawn cut. Rodents feel safe in tall grass because it helps them to avoid detection from ground-roaming predators. A neat lawn will make them feel less comfortable.

  • Pick up clutter and debris. Rodents are always looking for cover to prevent an attack from a sky dwelling predator. If you have toys, construction material, piles of leaves or other sources of cover in your yard, rodents will venture in.

  • Make sure your outside trash cans are sealed shut. The smell from trash is a strong lure for rodents.

Exterior Walls

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, rodents are still going to come in near your exterior walls. When they do, make sure they don't find what they are looking for.

  • Seal up cracks, gaps and rotted holes. Rodents will be more than happy to chew their way in through an area that is already partially weakened.

  • Make sure all your door screens fit tightly and have no gaps. It doesn't take much of an opening for a mouse to squeeze in.

  • Trim trees and shrubs back so that rodents don't feel safe as they explore your walls.

Interior Attractants

If a rodent makes it through your yard and into a secluded place near your exterior walls, you can be sure they will find a way to chew their way inside. If they do, you don't want them to find any reasons to stay.

  • Make sure all indoor trash is in a sealed container.

  • Make sure there are no sweating pipes to give them a drink.

  • Don't leave pet food out for them to eat.

  • Make sure there are no paper or cardboard packaged pantry items for them to chew their way into. Put these items in hard plastic.

When rodents come to make your home their winter home, let them find your property less than ideal. It could save you from dealing with an infestation.

If you need more tips on natural exclusions specific to your property give us a call. All-American Pest Control has been serving residents in Tennessee since 1961. We would love an opportunity to serve you.