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Jim: Middle-Tennessee is in the top 25 cities in the nation for bedbugs. The big thing about bed bugs is they're growing. There's not a perfect cure. There's not a silver bullet. Unfortunately with this pest, it's not a roach, it's not an ant. It takes more to get rid of bedbugs than it does pretty much anything else we do.

Anna: Good news is that it's completely treatable. We can definitely take care of your bedbug issues in a day.

John: A heat trailer is equipment we use to treat for bedbugs. We originally tried to treat them chemically. We found out that the best way to serve our customers, the better results came from using heat. You can't just take your hair dryer to your pillow. You need more than that. They heat a house to over 130 degrees for a matter of hours, until they're sure that they have reached the point that the bedbugs should have died. After that, they pack it up and bring it back.

Jim: The first thing we're going to do is help you determine how bad the problem is, and available plan that fits your needs. The other part that we're doing that's a little different, we're automatically building in two follow-up visits to come back and do inspections, do additional services if needed.

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