4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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I don't want to itch,
I don’t want to scratch.
Especially in hard to reach places
Like the middle of my back!

My doggie is mad,
He’s starting to beg
He is crying and digging
Because of the fleas on his leg!

I don't know where they came from,
Or how to get them out!
I can see them all running
Across his red, itchy snout!

The sun was warm, the day dry
Time for us to go outside,
Play in the yard, fetch a ball
Or sit happily by the poolside.

A day in the sun was the aim,
But what we got was a whole lot more;
Fleas, itchy welts, and chaos!
Completely uncalled for!

Fleas, fleas everywhere we look
They have chosen our house to live in;
From the dogs bed, to the sofa and chair,
Throughout the carpet, and on my skin!

These fleas are biting more than just my pet.
Does danger come with their bite?
It’s a horrible thought that suddenly dawns,
Should we see the doc or vet tonight?

Alas, I can see, my health is alright
Because fleas don’t carry infectious disease:
These fleas in Middle Tennessee,
Boy they'll bring you to your knees!

I can't have friends over,
I don't dare go out,
For fear of the unthinkable-
Unknowingly carrying fleas about!

These fleas must go
How can I get them out?
Is it a collar, powder or
Is there a sure-fire route?

I know what to do!
I have a game plan,
I'll call the pros at All-American Pest
And make my very last stand!

Oh the itching and scratching,
I can't take it anymore!
“No more fleas!” I cry
I need All-American at my door!

The answer is clear, it is time to act
One phone call or click of that little mouse,
And the All-American Pest team
Is on their way to my house.

A year round pest control plan
Is the solution.
Just ask Dave Ramsey,
He knows there’s no substitution!

They arrive just in time and explain to me
“I'll take it!” I cry. “Oh yes I will!
The All-For-One Advantage Service
PLUS mosquito' will more than fulfill!”

Our pest control needs
Will soon be all met
With the folks at All-American
No more fleas are a safe bet!

The pests are all gone
Thanks to our hero and friend-
That tech from All-American Pest
Who made fleas come to an end!

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