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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Have you ever been chased around your yard by a wasp or accidentally come into contact with one? Unfortunately wasps are a common problem here in Middle Tennessee, especially during the fall when they are more and more obvious, flitting around nests that they may have built on your home, under eaves and along sheds and garages. Sometimes nests are built in trees and other areas of your yard, but no matter where they are nesting on your property, it is not safe to have them around.  For more on wasp identification, you can refer to our previous blog, but no matter if you’re seeing yellow jackets or another type of wasp, something must be done about these pests if they are invading your property and hanging around you and your family.

It may seem like most insects that are bothersome are often noticed in the summertime, while our Tennessee weather is at its warmest.  However, this is not always the case when it comes to stinging insects because of their particular life cycle.  The queens of wasp colonies emerge in late spring or early summer and select a site to build their nests.  Once they have chosen a nesting place, they begin to lay eggs. These eggs hatch within a few weeks and the worker wasps are born. By midsummer, the first worker wasps emerge from the nest and by early autumn, after spending most her time laying eggs, the queen dies. Once the queen dies, the population of the colony really begins to rise as her previously laid eggs mature and at this point, the reproductive adult wasps will leave the nest in search for mates. This occurs in early fall and can be the cause of wasp swarming around your home and property.

There is very little that you can do to prevent wasps from nesting around your home. Obviously, having these pests around is less than ideal and that is why the professionals at All-American Pest Control offer wasp control in Nashvilleand parts of Middle Tn as part of our Perimeter Pest Control program.  Because of the difficult nature of treating wasp nests, getting rid of these insects is something you should not attempt on your own.  Nests are often located high above the ground, along the eaves of your home or garage or even hanging from a nearby tree branch. Do-it-yourself wasp control can be extremely dangerous, sending wasps flying towards YOU, in defense of their nest. For wasp control and complete residential pest control services in Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville and throughout Middle Tennessee, contact All-American Pest Control today for a free home evaluation!

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