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Although we’ve talked about bed bugs being more of a problem in the summertime due to increased travel, fall has arrived and we would like to remind you that these pests are still around. In fact, these pests have the ability to thrive any time of the year and although research shows they are slightly more active in the summer months, we must keep our guard up to protect ourselves from bed bugs all year long. In July, we shared some of our most frequently asked questions about bed bugs. Since then, our Nashville pest control pros are still getting phone calls from homeowners and business owners concerned about the possibility of bed bugs on their property. Because bed bugs are still such a hot topic and because there seems to be an air of mystery about them, we thought we’d share a few more of our most frequently asked questions with our readers to help you better understand these blood-sucking pests.


Q: What do bed bugs look like? Adult Bed bugs look like apple seeds! They are approximately the same size and shape, but bed bugs have six legs that you won’t find on any apple seed! They are pale brown before they have fed and after a feed, bed bugs appear to be darker brown in color. They are flat and oval in shape and are approximately ¼ of an inch long. The baby bed bugs are smaller and clearer- a bit harder to detect for the naked eye.


Q: How do bed bugs spread? Bed bugs are great at hitchhiking. They know that the only way they will be fed is to be in close proximity to humans. So they will catch a ride on personal belongings, inside luggage and even in the seams of clothing. Once you arrive at your destination, bed bugs will quickly run and hide, looking for a place to remain unseen. By doing this, they can be spread far and wide and unless you are looking for them, there is very little you can do to prevent them.


Q: Can I use heat to kill bed bugs? Yes, heat is known to kill bed bugs. But killing bed bugs with heat is not a do-it-yourself project. Some people have actually tried to do this on their own and in the end only succeeded in structural damages including setting their homes or apartments on fire. The fact is that bed bugs and their eggs will perish when they are heated to a temperature between 122°F and 140°F. But in order to kill all bed bugs inside a room, the heat must penetrate all aspects of the belongings in the room. To ensure we reach these lethal temperatures, we at All-American hold this temperature for at least three hours and circulate the air to keep the room from having cool spots.


Q: What does a bed bug heat treatment include? When you contract All-American’s bed bug heat treatment services, we will bring in a system of heaters and fans to elevate the temperature of your room to the appropriate temperature to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Our Platinum Bed Bug Heat Treatment will include the heat treatment along with dust applications for areas under baseboards and liquid applications as well as mattress encasements to thoroughly get rid of the problem. After the heat treatment, we stick with you and return every 2 weeks until we are 100% convinced the bed bugs are eliminated. After bed bug elimination is declared, you get a 90 day guarantee. Contact us for more information on how our Platinum Bed Bug Heat Treatment can help you!


If you suspect bed bugs inside your home or business, you should never let the problem go unattended. Bed bugs are not a pest that will go away on their own; they will continue to bite you and they will multiply, which means your problem will only get progressively worse. At the very first sign of a bed bug problem, call the Nashville exterminators at All-American Pest Control. Our trained technicians or a bed bug detecting dog team can pinpoint bed bugs and bed bug eggs and then we can create a customized bed bug control plan to get rid of the pests quickly and completely. Our control plan may include a heat treatment for bed bugs, or steam and residual liquid applications, depending on your structure and the severity of the infestation.


Contact the Nashville pest control pros at All-American today for your first inspection and let us take care of bed bugs in your home or business quickly and discreetly!