4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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My fall friends have come again with rudeness, rank, and gall

To pile on my window sills and crawl upon my wall

The asian lady beetle with her jet black polka dots

is climbing on my curtains, on my shelves, and on my pots

My patience is renowned and of which it's safe to boast

But I am even tested, when she lands upon my toast

Do you think that I should add you to my culinary treat?

Do you think you are remotely something I should want to eat?

"No!" I say, "now go away, before I give a shout,

and be forced, to do my worst, and get the vacuum out!"

And then I see, upon my sill, looking rather grim

A pile of boxelder bugs piled to the rim

"How'd they get in?" I say aloud, grinding tooth to tooth

To realize that this is bad, it doesn't take a sleuth.

They're smelly and their nasty and get on everything

and even on the ceiling are they able there to cling

"Uninvited guests in here, I bid you to depart!

Your incessant pestering is weighing on my heart!

Can't you tell I'm furious? Can't you plainly see?

If you all were large enough, I'd strangle you with glee!"

But even as my fevered shouts fall on deafened ear

I notice something in my drapes, which fills my heart with fear.

Darkened dots, by dawns first light, show speckled in the cloth

What could these foul creatures be, cockroach or maybe moth?

No, it's something worse than those, the foulest of them all

Stink bugs I see entangled there! Now I shall surely bawl.

My temperature has reached its max, my face is filled with heat.

"I can simply not abide, your scent of dirty feet!!"

It is time to make the call at last, and bid them all farewell

For with these nasty crawly things, I'm not content to dwell.

I phone the pest professional to come and do his cleanse

And once again, I say goodbye, to all of my fall friends.

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